EDDL is updated for FDI but essentially same as it was before FDI. Therefore FDI is approachable by current device developers.

FDI is opportunity to rethink EDD design. The FDI Package offers an opportunity to rethink the EDD to benefit the user.

FDI attempts to address the issues and lessons learned with EDD through 22+ years. FDI triggered an updated EDD specification and additional requirements in EDDs. In other words, an EDD registered for FF or HART in the past may require an update to be included in an FDI Package.

FDI Styleguide was written to aid developers. It serves as a design guide for recommended practices in an EDD.

FDI Package IDE includes the Device Package Conformance Test Tool (DPCTT) to test packages. This tool will be extended and enhanced to automate additional EDD testing over time.

Reference Run-Time Environment (RRTE) is an implementation of FDI Common Host Components. The RRTE serves as a validation test for FDI Package rendering.

FDI Package IDE can be used to develop an EDD without an FDI Package. The goal is one tool for all development. The FDI Package IDE will continue to be enhanced to offer features and enhancements to benefit the EDD developer.