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August 2021

Summary of this release:

Critical fix to Device Model Services (DMS) to correct a crash situation when an FDI Download is occurring and the package contains an EDD VARIABLE that has no write command associated with it. 

Critical update to a component within User Interface Engine (UI Engine) for the CefSharp library (a Chromium component) reported to contain a critical vulnerability. A newer version of this library is integrated into the source for this host component. 

Device Model Services (DMS)
CR/Bug NumberSummary

Model semantic maps as Variables instead of attributes.   Provided a new schema (.xsd) files to support model change.

3396PA-DIM: Support EDD MENU as folder type to list any items in any order
3488Fix crash, when FDI Download is active and EDD VARIABLE has no write command

Add DD code and tokenized DD for EDD METHOD execution

Add changes related to VS2019 and Framework v142.
User Interface Engine (UI Engine)
CR/Bug NumberSummary
3499Changed CefSharp.Wpf library from v71.0.0 to v86.0.241

Release 1.5.0
June 2021

The following issues were resolved in this release:
Device Model Services
Add support for OPC UA Comm Server
32644 bytes Error Codes are not supported for Generic Protocols
3276Download fails when a value of a ReadOnly-Variable differs between offline and device
3218Correct handling of vector references in GRID
3266Test system changes
3178Test system changes
1950Fix label and help generation for complex variable references
2995Fix updated value in GET_DEV_VAR_VALUE when REFRESH action changed the parameter
2802First fixes to show item label in error messages
3282PA-DIM: VALIDITIY should be generated for reference types
UI Engine
Integrated label alignment for Optimized Layout
Added default layout type to constructor for backward compatibility
Integrated “FDI UI Engine Optimization” code to “UI Engine” Revision
3216Not able to read or write parameter from Web Browser for the HTML5 UIP
3198FDI HTML5 UIP interface (Typescript) type "WriteResult" isn't compatible with RRTE server value
3201FDI HTML5 UIP interface (TypeScript) method "Fdi.UIPServices.activate()" always has context=Offline
3109Space for label not sufficient
2833Gauge is not displaying range properly
2911UIP button labels are not left aligned
Integrated “FDI UI Engine Optimization” code
3344HTML5 UIP Support appears to be broken
EDD Engine
3266Support of 4byte response code is not working
3242String constants in methods and language codes
3167Issues with string concatenation in methods
2914Import of new standard dictionary crashes.
2891Need to make sure that the attr_avail set is correct
3055EDD Engine to implement updated Semantic_Reference_Table_Struct
Release 1.4.2 -
December 2020
The following issues were resolved in this release:

Device Model Services
3082Implementation of Conditionals - make available in RRTE, DPCTT
2847RRTE is not considering values from CFF file.
3146PA-DIM: Namespace access is resolved for PA_DIM server
3147PA-DIM: PA-DIM server can identify reference type (EDD Method, EDD Variable)
3049RRTE is not considering values from CFF file -(DMS).
3084Support conditional evaluation of COMMAND for PROFIBUS
3022Some managed objects are leaking in DeviceModelServices
3016DMS doesn't return proper response code for WriteCommand Profibus builtin
3015Method window is not closed even after the method is completed
2957DeviceHealthDiagnostics -if there is an empty element in array later elements are not checked
2812Error message in case of commit is not helpful for user
1795FF ST REV not implemented
2919RRTE is not updating value for static parameters.
UI Engine
2495UI shall be set to read only, when access/role in FDI Host permitted write access
2910No label is shown in LINK method window if Image has blank label (Additional Fix)
Known Issues

DD code that references an IMAGE instance in a GRID is not supported.

Current FDI Specification V1.2 does not support these references in a UID for the client-side.

Release 1.4.1 -
April 2020
The following issues were resolved in this release:

Device Model Services
#2885Access Violation may happen during shutdown of DMS instance
#2890Opening online view for an FDI Device Package crashes with stack overflow
#3019RRTE hangs when the specific menu is opened
UI Engine
#3011Modified values are not sending to the device instead it takes previous value
Release 1.4.0 -
October 2019
Important new features in this release include:
  • HTML5 UIP Support
  • Semantic IDs proof of concept  

The following issues were resolved in this release:

Device Model Services
#2908Communication issues when executing DPCTT test P_3_2_094/095
#2757Method Builtin read_value2() does not work during transfer to device
#2826Error message needs to be improved
#2892RRTE stops communication after sending command 238 – improved DMS internal communication queue handling for nested dependencies

Fixed DMS crash when getting debug ITEM_INFORMATION from EDD Engine fails
#2889GET_DEV_VAR_VALUE builtin crashes method in offline
#2877Communication of BITSTRING for PROFIBUS/NET failed
#2743Download is not possible when variable is changed offline and REFRESH_RELATION was triggered
#2823Read value is not used when evaluating a condition (download only/pre_write_action)
#2757 Method Builtin read_value2() does not work during transfer to device
#2892RRTE stops communication after sending command 238
#2759 Built-in send_value does not support record member communication
#2825An empty download list causes the RRTE to crash
#2662RRTE hangs forever when write operation is performed in UIP for Profibus Protocol
#2747Edit Status icon for the parameter in the method is always displayed even after written to the device
#2862BitMask for commands support size of 8 Byte
#2860DMS doesn't provide the different language translation string for the FF DD-IDE xml
#2779FF MIN_VALUE_1 and MIN_VALUE_2 Conditional Acceptance Tests Reporting False Failure
#2865At the end of up/download a precise message about errors should be shown (DMS)
#2799Block parameters in templates should be referenced by block and block number instead of just by name
#2826Unsuccessfull download indicated as successfull  

Added workaround to EDDW method debugging to fix/revert duplicated string escaping ("\[afnrtv\"|?]") done by tokenizers and EDD Engine functions [FDI/HART/FF] "ddi_get_string_translation()"

Improved EDD method debugging to don't hang on missing EDD "item_information" attribute and to display correct name and label of currently executing EDD method for all action nodes.
#2444REFRESH relations not being used
#2705Upload from device hangs; improved command selection

HART Host Test HQAOVR12010 – Float Variable,

WRITE should display the variable… in OFFLINE mode

#2289FF DD5 Sources w/o labels not derived from variable

Undefined enumeration value causes dependent values

to go Bad; improved error handling in relation processing


Blue question marks in Refresh Relations

fixed relation StatusCode handling in param / edit cache


Access violation crash when specific package is loaded;

added support for "EUC" string EDD variable data type


Communication built-in methods read_/send_value

do not support record member communication

UI Engine

Added support for hosting HTML5 based UIPs.

  • Base Property Services
  • Device Model Services: Browse, Read, Write
  • Locking Services
  • Direct Access Services
  • Hosting Services: GetClientTechnologyVersion, LogAuditTrailMessage, GetHostingProperties, SaveUserSettings, LoadUserSettings, Trace, Import, Export
  • Removed Fdi.Ui.Log.dll
  • Added License file for open source software
  • Modified developer uip in frontend: when data type Array is being used in write then the data type of the Array cannot be specified yet
  • Added support for web assembly
  • Added “DisableContentSecurityPolicy” setting to UipWebConfiguration.json

External components:

#2804VISIBILITY FALSE on IMAGE does not hide item
#2803VISIBILITY FALSE on STYLE PAGE only hides the "tab" and not the entire MENU
#2498Help text could not read, while presenting time is to short
#2887Crash in Reference Runtime with empty bit-enum parameters
#2631HQACHT25010 Incorrect Color being Displayed

Size of the UIP web control can be configured via config file
EDD Engine
#2942Decoding of ENUMERATION is incorrect.
#2799Added attribute "LongLabel" to Fdi.DeviceAccess.AttributeType

Single NuGet package is being created which includes Fdi.dll and FdiStandard.dll

Changed ProductVersion (distinct from FileVersion) back to to match FDI Technology Specifications versioning
Release 1.3.0 - November 2018Important new features in this release include:
  • Support for Device Variants (Profibus/Profinet only)
  • EDD Logging Interface update

The following issues were resolved in this release:

Device Model Services
#2043Handling of Octect strings is now protocol dependent. 
#2543DMS method ParameterCacheController::CheckConsistencyOfDatasets() updated to not evaluate handling of unmodified parameters and check for successful evaluation before accessing handling attribute of corresponding variable.
#2355Integrate new Logging interface of EDD engine, so that logs communicated to host system includes prefix "EDDEngine".
#2447Access violation in SignalExecutionScheduler fixed. Related to #1848, Change DelayTimer implementation to ensure that no callback is called.
UI Engine
#2471Win Form UIP's 'BeginClose()' API not invoke after clicked on close button of UIP window
#2500Page refreshing via CommissioningNextButton_image after validity change was fixed.
#2509Hang in GUI after executing or aborting method was corrected.
EDD Engine
#2253EDDEngine support local timezone of running system.
#2370Performance enhancements to loading packages.
#2539HART device managed LISTs correction.
#2397Indexing operator on a DD_STRING corrected.
#2633A GRID that contains a LABEL selector is not shown in a DIALOG, issue resolved.
#2639Updated method execution log to not crash due to long strings.
Release 1.2.1 - August 2017Important new features in this release include:
  • UIPs running within a sandbox
  • Time stamps for the FDI Package signature
  • ISA100, HART-IP/WirelessHART protocols enabled
  • New Generic Protocol Extension to allow the addition of Modbus, Ethernet/IP and future extensions as they become available
  • Implemented Download (transfer to device) for Foundation Fieldbus legacy EDD.
  • Updated build environment from MS VS 2010 to MS VS 2015 (see release notes for details)

The following issues were resolved in this release:

Device Model Services
#2322Accessing additional LIST elements which were added in online cache but not in offline cache (Reference UIP conformance test case H-3.1-012)
#2342Displayed parameter values not updated after POST_WRITE_ACTION (Profibus/Profinet conformance test case FDI_H_4_18_019_PA)
#2314Browse for “ActionSet” implemented
#2270Extended class BuiltinDialogAbortedError by UiEngineCode to indicate ActionExecutionFailedDueToInnerActionFailure with a dedicated type.
#2303Initial value calculation of index variable depending on conditioned item array not working
#2074Add DMS support for new LOCAL_B construct
#2205Newly valid variable values should display edited values if edited
#2177Variable set computed by upload_from_device_root_menu shall be transferred to offline data set
#2274LABEL Selector returns always the default language
#2294Direct Dictionary References resolve to the default language only
#2231put_string_value2() builtin does not work – improved handling of BuiltinAdapter::SetParamValue() for BITSTRING variables
#2070Enhanced logging for updating of ISA100 block instances
#2203"LOCAL TYPE ASCII space padding" according to new
specification IEC FCG TS61804-3, Ed. 4.0, 13 Dec 2016
#2221"Initial value for EDD string variable types" according to new
specification IEC FCG TS61804-3, Ed. 4.0, 13 Dec 2016

Changed handling of parameters with uncertain status code to return “null” parameter value for read and subscription service to display a blank value in UI Engine
#2109FF EDDs have no menus for function block configuration
#2058ISA100 communication response data for type VISIBLE string may by truncated (whitespaces not included)
#2130FDI_H_3_3_053_07_PA and others - Incorrect Octet String handling
#2139Download in FF HTK without download menu result in exception
#2145DD4 (.FFO) is displayed in RRTE with wrong block menu labels
#2159Not able to perform data download for HART *.fm6 legacy DD
#2104FDI.Reference.Server crashes with FF HTK DD5 (grid vector)
#2126DMS is not correctly comparing a CF file to a live FF device

Methods during upload must access offline data set by performing copy of local variables from offline to online data set at start of upload for HART/FF/ISA100 (PB/PN is already copied when a connection is established).
#2081Download throws exception if device returns warning code

FVS4000 legacy fm6/fm8 does not work by not crashing when an EDD doesn't contain one of the HART standard variables "response_code" (ID 150), "device_status" (ID 151) or "comm_status" (ID 152)
#2059Not able to load *.fm6 HART Legacy DD in RRTE
#1747HQAUIB20260 GET_DEV_VAR_VALUE - refresh action test fails by detecting when a refresh action is aborted during ParameterInputRequest()

DMS mapping "OCTET" to "StringValue" instead of "BinaryValue" by handling OCTET string EDD variables differently depending on the protocol. For FF, the FDI type "StringValue" is used; all other protocols use "BinaryValue".
#1841IUpDownloadDialog shall provide error ID that host can work with messages
#2052ISA100 BIT_ENUMRATED parameters are displayed with wrong values
#1930SPECIALIST Attribute is not generated for Actions in UID

("The access level does not allow reading or subscribing to the node." error while writing COND0070 and COND0073 variable.) by overriding HANDLING to READ+WRITE when not set to any value.

UI Engine

Assertions in DefaultWindowFactory sometimes if there is a delay in opening UIP

#2211When a UIP is opened an empty console window is opened on Windows 7
#2212When a messagebox is opened from UIP, it does not stay on TOP
#1942Newly valid variable should be initialized to Uninitialized value
#2048FDI.dll - Update UI Engine per the new version
#2110Edit Format Examples for FLOAT Variables in RRTE are False/Misleading/Confusing
#2175Cancelling Read, Write and Browse service are not support for UIP
#2114Automatically Generated Chart AXIS is not large enough to show all data    
#2133Success rate of Reference UIP 1.2.0 tests has heavily been degraded
#1993Update development environment to VS2015 - UI Engine

EDD Engine
#2318EDD Engine EndMethod should return correct return code if UI builtin is canceled

Adopted Encoded File Format Changes to extract extended description information, tool-release, New Header, EDD profile etc.

Support for ISA100 communication profile added.