FDI is focused on device integration for process automation. The goal of FDI is to provide a common solution based on device integration technologies EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language) and an FDT2™ based DTM (Device Type Manager).

A Solution for Device Suppliers

This solution, called an FDI Device Package will address the requirements for simple and complex devices for process applications. FDI Device Packages can be processed in FDI hosts as well as in an FDT2 frame application. This allows device suppliers to create a single FDI Device Package for their devices - instead of separate DTMs and DD’s - while still providing users the choice of using either an FDI host or an FDT host environment.

A Solution for Host Suppliers

Host suppliers are free to implement an FDI host, or an FDT2™ frame application. Thus, both solutions will use FDI Device Packages to provide the same functionality and experience for the end user. The FDT Group and FDI Cooperation are both committed to support this approach and ensure that FDT2 based systems can use and deliver the full functionality of FDI Device Packages.