Call for Volunteers
FieldComm Group members, 
We need your expertise! FieldComm Group is undertaking several new activities and has identified areas for additional volunteer support in several of our active Working Groups (WG) and Project Groups. Listed below are the specific areas where your support is needed. Please review and sign-up!
FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF) to APL Migration Project Group 
Project Group Leader: Gunther Rogoll, Pepper+Fuchs

This Project Group will operate under the FF Technology Working Group. The goal of this project is to create a Technical Requirements document as input for the development of a Technical Specification, which will enable developers of host applications to integrate Foundation H1 devices over an Ethernet-APL trunk. By replacing an FF coupler with a dual mode Ethernet-APL switch, Foundation H1 and native Ethernet-APL devices can coexist with staged migration strategies.
Kick-Off Meeting
The first meeting will be held on April 17, 7:00 - 8:00am CDT (Austin).

Regularly Scheduled Conference Calls: 
Regularly scheduled meeting will be determined at the kick-off meeting.
Volunteer Needs: 
Participants need to have experience with integrating FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices into host systems since this project focuses heavily on how FF and Ethernet-APL can be used with host hardware and software. Host, IO and field device developers as well as system architects, engineers and product managers are encouraged to participate.
Project Group Info and Sign-Up Form
Advanced Applications Working Group – Installed Base and IIoT Activity
Chair: Marc Baret, Endress+Hauser

As IIoT type applications proliferate in the marketplace, the need to reliably provide these applications with information about the installed base of instruments deployed in a facility will grow. FDI technology coupled with PA-DIM provides a great platform for devices that have FDI device packages. However, much of the installed base of devices do not have FDI devices packages yet. 
Regularly Scheduled Conference Calls: 
Regular meetings are every 2 weeks on Mondays, 8:00am - 9:30am CDT (Austin).
Volunteer Needs:
The Advanced Applications team is asked to consider alternative architectures that could be used to meet the anticipated use cases of IIoT applications focusing on the installed base of DD based devices (HART, FF, Profibus).
Project output should include:  
  • A set of recommendations for architecture and technology  
  • A review of how the recommendations address the use case
  • A gap analysis that outlines how existing specifications/technologies must be enhanced to support the suggested architecture
Working Group Info and Sign-Up Form
Bluetooth Low Energy Project Group
Project Group Leader: TBD
This project group will operate under the Advanced Applications working group. The objective of the project group is to define an architecture that assures interoperability and allows configuration and management of field devices using the BLE protocol.
Regularly Scheduled Conference Calls: 
The project group will set its own schedule, but members should expect weekly or bi-weekly meetings for a period of 10-12 months. 
 Volunteer Needs:   
  • Project Group Leader
  • Architects, engineers and product managers from companies that already offer BLE configuration solutions or considering doing so in the future
Project Group Info and Sign-Up Form
Cyber Security Working Group 
Chair: Frank Fengler, ABB 
Working Group Charter: 
Regularly Scheduled Conference Calls: 
Every 4 weeks (once per month) on Thursday 14:00-15:30 Central European Time (CET).
 Volunteer Needs:   
Participants who have security knowledge for policies and tools of member companies to accomplish the following tasks:
  • Develop guidelines for cyber security and provide input to, and review of, work products (tools, specifications, etc.) owned and/or maintained by other Working Groups 
  • Align Working Group member requirements and work products with the requirements of the Industrial Ethernet Security Harmonization Group (a collaborative group comprising of FieldComm Group, ODVA, OPC Foundation and Profibus International, with additional input from IEC/IEEE) 
  • Provide guidance regarding security and vulnerability reports to FieldComm Group as needed 
  • Provide guidance to the FieldComm Group Cyber Security Officer 
Effort Expectation: 
  • Consistent participation in conference calls and in-person Working Group meetings
  • Assistance with creation and review of Working Group products
Working Group Info and Sign-Up Form

Participants will need a Workspace Account, sign up here!