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Release 1.5.0
June 2021

Versions of Tokenizers in this release:
  • HART 6.3.5
  • HART 8.2.20
  • HART 10.44
  • FF 5.2.2
  • FF
The following issues were resolved in this release:
HART Tokenizer
Tok8 - fixes to command line processing for -k option.
Updated Dictionary standard.dc8 (24.00.5) 
FF FDI Tokenizer
3315root menus cannot contain a VALIDITY attribute
3053implement updated Semantic_Reference_Table_Struct
Profibus Tokenizer
3244Need to support PROTOCOL of "OPC UA"
3054implement updated Semantic_Reference_Table_Struct
3266Support of 4byte response code is not working
UI Engine
Integrated label alignment for Optimized Layout
Added default layout type to constructor for backward compatibility
Integrated “FDI UI Engine Optimization” code to “UI Engine” Revision
3216Not able to read or write parameter from Web Browser for the HTML5 UIP
3198FDI HTML5 UIP interface (Typescript) type "WriteResult" isn't compatible with RRTE server value
3201FDI HTML5 UIP interface (TypeScript) method "Fdi.UIPServices.activate()" always has context=Offline
3109Space for label not sufficient
2833Gauge is not displaying range properly
2911UIP button labels are not left aligned
Integrated “FDI UI Engine Optimization” code
3344HTML5 UIP Support appears to be broken
EDD Engine
3266Support of 4byte response code is not working
3242String constants in methods and language codes
3167Issues with string concatenation in methods
2914Import of new standard dictionary crashes.
2891Need to make sure that the attr_avail set is correct
3055EDD Engine to implement updated Semantic_Reference_Table_Struct
Device Model Services
Add support for OPC UA Comm Server
32644 bytes Error Codes are not supported for Generic Protocols
3276Download fails when a value of a ReadOnly-Variable differs between offline and device
3218Correct handling of vector references in GRID
3266Test system changes
3178Test system changes
1950Fix label and help generation for complex variable references
2995Fix updated value in GET_DEV_VAR_VALUE when REFRESH action changed the parameter
2802First fixes to show item label in error messages
3282PA-DIM: VALIDITY should be generated for reference types
Reference Run-Time Environment
Added the PMS Client Wrapper for PADIM Server.
Update new ReadRSD API to get the Semantic RSD information.
Brought in FF Comm Server support
3224Comm Server Name should be indicated in Comm Tab
3176Device Type Model and Code should be indicated in the repository list
3165RRTE should check for allowed attachment files and give a warning if violated.
3162Support request to add additional languages to RRTE
3125Communication Failure Message in Package Repository App May Be Misleading
3252Incorrect package version check
1869EDD FILE Constructs in FDI Package IDE
3109Space for label not sufficient
3347comm server configuration parameters are not displayed
ComponentVersionInfo shall load from the Program Data Location
Signing Tool
3256Detect poor PC clock synchronization during signing
3023Missing intermediate certificates
3416PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. is missing as valid signer
3336Unsynchronized clocks should be a warning on package load
2907Added individual proxy command line options
2986Security error message, when loading a device package
Device Package Conformance Test Tool
3047additional filename checks
3297update version numbers to 1.5.0
3155bring in fdiPackageVerifier with Root Store solution
3239update mechanism for detecting PA-DIM Namespace_Collection
2587standard entry points
3346Test cases need to be re-signed
3372Package filename version field length change
Eclipse IDE Plugin
3273Add new attachment types (metadata)
2971Debug Ant Script should not build the FDI Package with the same name as the regular ant script
2928Unitconversion in offline (Feature Table added)
PA-DIM Server
Updated new Implicit & Explicit rules for EDD to OPC UA nodes.
Fixed the issue with Unit Mapping.
Updated new Nodeset.xml v1.0.1
Implemented Device Health Alarms
Implemented and Validated the Device Health Alarm issues.
Fixed the Implicit Rules issues.
Fixed the method execution issues.
HART-IP Comm Server
Updated package project file to FDI version 1.2
Updated to use Unified Automation SDK 3.0.8
HTML5 Sample Package
Update to 1.0.6 delivery (host.ts implementation change)
HART Sample Package
3364Integration of HART Standard DDs into FDI-IDE installer needs a few updates
All Sample Packages
Update FDI Technology Version to 1.3 in sample projects

Release 1.4.2 - November 2020Versions of Tokenizers in this release:
  • HART 6.3.5
  • HART 8.2.19
  • HART 10.44
  • FF 5.2.2
  • FF
The following issues were resolved in this release:
HART Tokenizer
crash on bad Items in Reference Array
inconsistent PNG image encoding
(v8 Tokenizer) FATAL ERROR 202: Attributes for item device_variable_code too large.
Reference Run Time Environment
RRTE shall have option to disable / enable Direct Access service
TEMPLATE View: Display OCTET strings
Revision is unclear and not sufficient
FDI Host/Client should show details of certificate
Simulation Mode Should Have an LED Indicator on Front Panel of RRTE When Enabled
Error "Import Package"
AuditTrail is not implemented in RRTE
Empty DropDown in menu bar
Communication Logger displays incorrect Byte Count for each HART Command
Reference Run-Time Error Message Box Focus Problem
Com Logger saves always with same file name until restart
It should be possible to resize the main Template Window in RRTE
RRTE hangs opening online menu of profibus FDI package
Device "Name" field in Device Information Hidden by EDD Language Field
RRTE is not considering values from CFF file.
RRTE can sometimes import the wrong CFF file
RRTE displays wrong message after finishing a download to a device
Can’t connect to the corresponding OPC UA Comm server
Profibus/Profinet Tokenizer
PROFIBUS Tokenizer to implement updated Semantic_Reference_Table_Struct
EDD Engine
3083Added support conditional evaluation of COMMAND for PROFIBUS
3114Added support for "name" field in Device Directory Image Table
3197Added support for SEMANTIC_MAP_ITEMS in a FF block
Device Model Services
Implementation of Conditionals - make available in RRTE, DPCTT
RRTE is not considering values from CFF file.
PA-DIM: Namespace access is resolved for PA_DIM server
PA-DIM: PA-DIM server can identify reference type (EDD Method, EDD Variable)
RRTE is not considering values from CFF file -(DMS).
Support conditional evaluation of COMMAND for PROFIBUS
Some managed objects are leaking in DeviceModelServices
DMS doesn't return proper response code for WriteCommand Profibus builtin
Method window is not closed even after the method is completed
DeviceHealthDiagnostics -if there is an empty element in array later elements are not checked
Error message in case of commit is not helpful for user
FF ST REV not implemented
RRTE is not updating value for static parameters.
UI Engine
UI shall be set to read only, when access/role in FDI Host permitted write access
No label is shown in LINK method window if Image has blank label (Additional Fix)
Signing Tool
Verifier does not handle URI encoded partnames
Signature using sha256 algorithm
Selection for digest algorithm was added to the signature tool
Added options for allowing signing and timestamping to be a two-step process
Signature Validation no longer fails on non-English Windows machines

No changes this release
Eclipse Plugin
New: Relation Technology Version to IDE Version
CommunicationProfileSupport File is not getting added for EtherNet/IP Device Package
Support of extension dib as bmp
'Outline' view and 'Completion' function in Eclipse IDE > 4.6
Problem with "Add include folder..." solved in Eclipse IDE > 4.6

Release 1.4.1 -
April 2020
Versions of Tokenizers in this release:
  • HART 6.3.5
  • HART 8.2.19
  • HART 10.43
  • FF 5.2.2
  • FF

The following issues were resolved in this release:

HART Tokenizer
#2837Image languages are limited to 10
#2876Support for more than 10 Language strings is needed
#2917Tok 10 does not support min/max value in time_value
#2918Support for more than 10 languages is needed also for version 8 tokenizer.
#2921Tok 10 reports error 662 on index to value array being redefined
#3007WARNING 614: Menu maintenance_root_menu is always invalid
#3056HART Tokenizer Won't Support Image Files in a sub-menu of source files
#3061LABEL (in HART EDD) must not reference an EDDL item
Reference Run Time Environment
#3035Connection to Profibus device is not possible (DP_INITIATE timeout to short)
#3045Import of package fails with 1 is not a supported code page
Profibus/Profinet Tokenizer
#3050Cannot Build Package - Only Tokenizes Binary 25% of the time
EDD Engine
#3063Security patch applied
Device Model Services
#2885Access Violation may happen during shutdown of DMS instance
#2890Opening online view for FCxxxx crashes with stack overflow
#3019RRTE hangs when the specific menu is opened.
UI Engine
#3011Modified values are not sending to the device instead it takes previous value
Signing Tool
#2664fdiVerifier.dll is not able to verify package at Windows 10 system (CW specific)
n/aNo changes to this component for this release.

Release 1.4.0  - September 2019

Important Changes: 
  • UIPs can now be written in HTML5
  • The Eclipse IDE can now debug methods
  • New HART DeviceInfo generator and browser
  • All documentation now online
Reference Run-Time Environment:
  • New Communication Logger available for all bus protocols
  • Device Simulator available for HART and FF
 Reference RunTime Environment


Power cycle of Profinet device causes failure.


RRTE doesn't provide correct (absolute) path for "Documentation" and "ProtocolSupport" files in "PackageInformation"


At the end of up/download a precise message about errors should be shown


 DI RRTE hangs if you switch to another application or window from the currently open modal dialog on the RRTE


Signature check verify once the configuration file is proper or not


Repository Tool Does Not Find FDI Packages when attempting to Download EDD/Packages for Live Devices


Block parameters in templates should be referenced by block and block number instead of just by name


New DD Tree View feature in RRTE Does Not Provide Table Information of Entire FBAP


New DD Tree View feature in RRTE Does Not Provide Table Information of Entire FBAP


RRTE is Not able to connect to XMTR and HART Device


- New DD Tree View feature in RRTE is insufficient for viewing details of block items


Repository Tool Does Not Find FDI Packages when attempting to Download EDD/Packages for Live Devices


"About" field in RRTE 1.4.0 build 126 still shows copyright 2018


The Host is expected to display an abort message but no such message is displayed


RRTE is hanging when it is closed if user chose not to start Communication Logger


 New DD Tree View feature in RRTE Does Not Provide Table Information of Entire FBAP


New DD Tree View feature in RRTE is insufficient for viewing details of block items


Fdi.Reference.Server.exe crashes when disconnecting EDDL method debugger


Revision is unclear and not sufficient


Manufacturer ID numbers instead of names in Repository List


 RRTE crashes when Synchronize button in Package Repository tab is clicked


Repository Tool Does Not Find FDI Packages when attempting to Download EDD/Packages for Live Devices


Default color should not be red for Status of Package/EDD upgrade existence


Communication Logger does not support changing sizes of columns


Opening a multi device-variant package requires user intervention


Burst message support in HART Driver


IMS no longer loads at startup of RRTE in build


RRTE-shows Failed to initialize upon reopen


 Information Model Server task left running after crash keeps a new RRTE from being started


 Legacy FF/DD5: RRTE does not see and cannot support device templates in a DD5

2749 FDI package with HTML5 UIP for Platform WorkstationAndMobile cannot be imported in RTTE
2748HTML5 UIP for Platform Mobile cannot be loaded
Device Model Services
2908Communication issues when executing DPCTT test P_3_2_094/095
2757Method Builtin read_value2() does not work during transfer to device
2826Error message needs to be improved
2892RRTE stops communication after sending command 238 – improved DMS internal communication queue handling for nested dependencies

Fixed DMS crash when getting debug ITEM_INFORMATION from EDD Engine fails
2889GET_DEV_VAR_VALUE builtin crashes method in offline
2877Communication of BITSTRING for PROFIBUS/NET failed
2743Download is not possible when variable is changed offline and REFRESH_RELATION was triggered
2823Read value is not used when evaluating a condition (download only/pre_write_action)
2757Method Builtin read_value2() does not work during transfer to device
2892RRTE stops communication after sending command 238
2759Built-in send_value does not support record member communication
2825An empty download list causes the RRTE to crash
2662RRTE hangs forever when write operation is performed in UIP for Profibus Protocol
2747Edit Status icon for the parameter in the method is always displayed even after written to the device
2862BitMask for commands support size of 8 Byte
2860DMS doesn't provide the different language translation string for the FF DD-IDE xml
2779FF MIN_VALUE_1 and MIN_VALUE_2 Conditional Acceptance Tests Reporting False Failure
2865At the end of up/download a precise message about errors should be shown (DMS)
2799Block parameters in templates should be referenced by block and block number instead of just by name
2826Unsuccessful download indicated as successful

Added workaround to EDDW method debugging to fix/revert duplicated string escaping ("\[afnrtv\"|?]") done by tokenizers and EDD Engine functions [FDI/HART/FF] "ddi_get_string_translation()"

Improved EDD method debugging to don't hang on missing EDD "item_information" attribute and to display correct name and label of currently executing EDD method for all action nodes.
2444REFRESH relations not being used
2705Upload from device hangs; improved command selection
2665HART Host Test HQAOVR12010 – Float Variable, WRITE should display the variable… in OFFLINE mode
2289FF DD5 Sources w/o labels not derived from variable
2678Undefined enumeration value causes dependent values to go Bad; improved error handling in relation processing
2743Blue question marks in Refresh Relations fixed relation StatusCode handling in param / edit cache
2773Access violation crash when specific package is loaded; added support for "EUC" string EDD variable data type
2759Communication built-in methods read_/send_value do not support record member communication

Added pugixml license text to Device Model Services source code and release
EDD Engine
2942Decoding of ENUMERATION is incorrect
2845Decoding of ENUMERATION is incorrect
2912EDD Engine fails to SetDynamicAttribute (i.e. VIEW_MIN/MAX) for different data types
2331Legacy FF/DD5: RRTE does not see and cannot support device templates in a DD5
2781Grids in FF5 EDDs are displayed with the grid vector label as part of the scrolling list of values
2797FF Host Test Kit LIST Tests Now Failing with DD5
2632Method execution fails to assign DD_STRING array elements
2752EDD Engine build 7.0.0 provides incorrect values to IBuiltinSupport::SetDynamicAttribute(…)
2285FF Legacy - HTK DD5 - TC_COND_0017 fails RRTE but HTK FDI/DD6 passes
2646Bit Masks with 8 Byte length should be supported
2828EDD Engine gives error if "send_value" or "read_value" is called with "member_id == 0" for a RECORD or ARRAY
UI Engine
2672Enumeration values are shown in hex if no STYLE is set

HTML5 UIP hosting:- UIP services and hosting service are implemented completely

Updated Fdi NuGet packages to version 1.2.0 (FileVersion

Size of the UIP web control can be configured via config file see 6.5 Configuration of UIP web control size.

Updated fdi.ts to version 0.11
2887Crash in Reference Runtime with empty bit-enum parameters
FDI IDE Plugin

Added support for DeviceInfo files
HART Tokenizer
2947HART tokenizer is not encoding Attribute_name as per EFF

Tokenizer User Guide is removed from zip

Ddt8.exe revs to 8.2.18

Collection in Expression Crash

Memory Limit Reached

Symbols.txt anomaly
2594Upload_from_device_root_menu should not include CLASS DYNAMIC variables
2465METHOD Debugger Builtin not encoded by HART Tokenizer
Profibus Tokenizer
2807PB Tokenizer gives tool_release value "0" in header
2761Preprocessor: Expression in paranthesis not evaluated correctly

Support for debugging command-line option
2669Two-dimensional arrays not working in PROFIBUS Tokenizer
FF Tokenizer
2863Issues with BITSTRING encoding
2843encoding of VARIABLE_REF for CONSTANT_UNIT
2691FF tokenizer puts incorrect line no for METHOD DEFINITION attribute in ITEM_INFORMATION
2706Some root menus are not recognized as such
2679Menu item conditionals cannot contain cross-block references
Information Model Server
2733Open ports issue
Device Package Conformance Test Tool
2934P_3_2_097 fails if FDI version is 1.0.2
2949CTT needs latest EDD Engine
2963HART tests for "GetHealthStatus" method need to be fixed
2922DPCTT test P_3_2_077 is failing for FF Device package
2938DCTT test case P_3_2_049 fails if unit variable has conditional HANDLING
2953EDIT_FORMAT and DISPLAY_FORMAT test cases incorrect
2898 Test case p_2_11_025 fails in CTT from FDI 1.4.0
2515DPCTT cannot communicate with Profibus device
2856DirectAccess for Profibus not working
2888P_3_2_087 does not properly consider Profinet
2545Variable Name is not displayed for Test 'P_3_2_067' in DPCTT

Upgraded bindings to support loading UIPs linked against older Fdi.dlls
2688P_3_2_055 throws an exception
Signing Tool
2832Package Signature(s) Valid with warnings. Additional Info: Could not determine XAdES-T certified time.
2737FDI Signing Tool does not work with Win10 VM
Release 1.3.0  - November 2018

Important Changes: 
  • Extending Duration of Package Signature period. 
  • Root Certificates are required for Package validation.
  • HART Tokenizer 10.28 released including verification.
  • Device Package Conformance Test Tool improved and updated for latest testcases.
Reference Run-Time Environment:
  • Updated for EDDL update FCG TS61804-3 version FCG TS61804-4 FCG TS61804-5 version 
  • Support device variants for PROFIBUS/PROFINET
  • Information Model Server (OPC-UA) introduced. 
  • Additional bug fixes related to Device Package EDD support.
 Installation updates:
  • Consolidated delivery of installers
 Reference RunTime Environment

Information Module Server added
2195ISA100 Comm. Server Connect/Disconnect delay response issue
2265Allows import of CF file with bad block numbering
2371Add root menu entry element in RRTE for "/Block_parameter_root_menu" in FF
2308Legacy Menus Should Include Block Parameter Lists by Default
2489RRTE loads the old version of UIP instead of new version
2293Need to add signature validation to the RRTE
2569FDI-H-3.3-118_PA – result parameters are not changed
2556TC_MN_018 dropdown menu rendering issues
2555TC_MN_008 menu representation is not as expected
2554The message shown corresponding to Response Code is not user-friendly in Profibus transaction
2235ISA100 Comm Server "BadTooManySessions" error caused by RRTE
 Integrated FdiPackageVerifier v2.0.0.8 libraries
 Added new configuration file “FdiSignatureVerifier.config”

Device Model Services
 Managed .NET interface version
 New EDD Engine logging interface
2271changes modified to only apply for FF and ISA100
2124changes modified to only apply for FF and ISA100
2418MENU structure evaluated when conditioned variable contains REFRESH_ACTION. Implemented asynchronous execution of REFRESH_ACTIONS for LOCAL variables in separate EditContext to don’t interfere with regular communication transactions.
Added support for Communication Builtins for REFRESH_ACTIONS (as specified in IEC 61804-5, 4.3 Builtin Categories, Table 3 – Usage of Builtins).
2419Access of read values of a CMD in POST_READ_ACTION. Modified handling of variables which are accessed in context of EDD method execution (i.e. POST_READ_ACTIONS) to don't try to read it from device which doesn't work because there's already a communication transaction active (occured with Simocode pro PN device).
2268Access to different parameter in RE/POST_READ/WRITE_ACTION
2270Improved EDDL method abort processing for user interaction builtins for FDI.
 Fixed issue with incorrect ISA100 “AppID” value in communication transaction objects
 BLOCK support for information model representation according to OPC UA implemented (FF, ISA100)
 PROFIBUS / PROFINET identification extended (Ident_Number, DeviceID, VendorID)
2137Error message is improved
2436Value array in GRID
2360Type check and automatic conversion implemented for built in “assign” and “assign2”
 Added support for Device Variants by implementing basic support for EDD COMPONENT and COMPONENT_FOLDER and provide information in node path “/ComponentSet/...”. See DeviceModelServices Specification / Product Description section 5.9 and 7.11 for details
2436UID xml for value array references in GRID
2457ISA100 Device Package Loading EDD Engine Error Code -1705 (CHARACTERISTIC record = 0)
2228HQAENV18050 and HQAENV18060: Modified value is not displayed
2180handle “REFRESH_ACTIONS” as per new spec and HART SPEC500 (refresh action shall not be executed during condition evaluation for HART)
2190reading of BlockParameterRootMenu attribute Label
2043changed mapping of EDDL type "OCTET" from "StringValue" to "BinaryValue" (to support displaying ASCII for FF block tag and hexadecimal for other protocols)
 Added default DisplayFormat in DMS for OCTET string variables – “s” for FF, “X” for ISA100 and “#x” for other protocols PB/PN/GPE/CS (to support OCTET string FDI issue #2043)
2573FDI_H_4_18_002_PA – Variable seems to be incorrectly read
2194ISA100 Offline upload parameters total count displayed is different from the actual count uploaded
2256VISIBILITY tests for Record, Array, List, and Collection
2543Transfer Offline Data Set to Device with FF HTK FDI Package crashes Fdi.Reference.Server
2413DeviceHealthDiagnostics shall be implemented according FCG TS62769-5/7.3.2
2600HQAGRD11000 instead of "ON" readonly grid shows 0x8585
2612RRTE crash when using Simocode_pro_PN 1.0.3 PROFINET device package
 Fixed OPA UA device “Identification” attribute for HART devices “DEVICE_REVISION” to be mapped to “transmitter_revision”

Improved Device Model Services source code to support compilation with other compilers than Microsoft Visual Studio

EDD Engine


EDD engine writes Logfile to root directory of drive C:


Stack Overflow when executing a method with large expression


VALIDITY Test for Collection Now Failing


Legacy FF - TC_MN_013 - Menu stacked 8 levels deep fails in DD5 but passes in DD6/FDI


FF Legacy - Menu without style type is not displayed as a group


timet_to_string, GetCurrentDateAndTime


Specifying the wrong DD causes process to exit


EDD Engine Method interpreter crashes during evaluation of loop condition


Delay in loading and opening root menu of HART 7 device package


Indexing Operator for DD_STRING crashes


Method Interpreter must not abort when accessing device parameters with VALIDITY == false


Truncation of large text writes?


HART 512 - HQLST14000-035 Wrong information in method display


Expression EnumeratedVar(EnumeratedVar) is not decoded


VALIDITY Test for Collection Now Failing


EDD Engine is not correctly evaluating COMPONENT attribute product_uri


EDD Engine fails to resolve references to COMPONENT and COMPONENT_FOLDER


EDD Engine fails to correctly evaluate COMPONENT and COMPONENT_FOLDER attributes CLASSIFICATION and PROTOCOL


UIB10220-007 fails as XMTR-MV does not receive any HART command 133


HQAUIB10230 Test fail as after execution of a method, the FDI server stops working


Test CMB11010-004 fails as an unexpected value of the menu item is displayed.


Tests HQACMB20010 and HQACMB21020 fail as they go in an infinite loop during method execution.


HART 512 Device Managed LIST tests are all failing again


timet_to_string, GetCurrentDateAndTime


GRID with LABEL selector




String VARIABLEs crash when longer than around 900 characters

UI Engine


Scrollbars not showing up for long ASCII Variables


HBar/VBar should show negative values as per HQACHT47060


UIEngine raised null reference exception when fastly opening and closing.


UIB20300 and UIB21300 fail - an additional abort message-box is displayed


UiEngine crash on UIP execution when data path inaccessible for current user


UIP window shall show full control


HQAVAR16000 - Scaled Float value that is out of range is modified in the display when edit mode is exited


Win Form UIP's 'BeginClose()' API not invoke after clicked on close button of UIP window


HQAVAR16000 - HQAMST10020- Test case expects the menus to be available as popup menus, but menu appears as a link which opens a window


HQAMST- "Menu level 3 table", "Menu level 4 table", "Menu level 5 table", "Menu level 6 table"


DMS mapping EDDL type "OCTET" to FDI "StringValue" instead of "BinaryValue"


Page content not updated when validity changes


In TABLE style menu, values for the VARIABLEs in GRIDs are blank and not updated


FDI Client shows extra standard action item (OK button) on bottom of RUIP


TC_DL_005 Time Difference Value cutting off decimal values

FDI IDE Plugin
2393Modifying the property of fdi-project after import was not possible
2131Command line optional arguments may need to be enhanced
2134Verbiage used in the FDI-IDE is awkward for legacy DD creation
2411Semantic Parameter Mapping should be supported in the Eclipse Plugin.
2506Importing a *.CSV file into a dictionary entry could not succeed.


FDI IDE Prerequisites Setup is now capable to be installed even if VC++2017 Redistributables are already installed

FDI IDE Prerequisites are now mandatory to be installed before FDI Package IDE Setup

Setup does no longer create 2 folders “FDI\IDE\Documentation\PNO” and “FDI\IDE\Documentation\FCG” but only one folder “FDI\IDE\Documentation”. “User Guide” and “Quickstart Guide” PDF placed there are equipped with updated Layout (FDT/FCG/OPC/PNO)

Sandbox settings: Setup now skips the validation of the UIP user account settings if the user skips these settings.

Quickstart Guide PDF file updated to r1.4.1 (“FDI Package IDE Quick Start Guide_r1.4.1_final.pdf”)

User manual PDF file updated to r2.1.3 (“FDI Package IDE User Guide r2.1.3_final.pdf”)

HART Tokenizer
2396This release fixes Bugzilla 2395 where the tokenizer crashed when all of the ENUMERATIONs were deleted in the REDEFINITION portion of an IMPORT
2396This release also fixes Bugzilla 2399 where the tokenizer crashed due to a '$' character used in a string.
2412NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS attribute reference failed.Attribute reference is now encoded
2400Escaped character sequence not accepted.The “\\” escape sequence is now properly handled. Two HART library DDs (of 1500) changed to properly record strings containing “\\”.
5839_TRACE, _ERROR, and _WARNING built-ins generate Errors. This has been fixed to properly handle these debugging built-ins.
DYNAMIC dominant variable has no warning.A warning has been added for variables that are dominant in a UNIT or REFRESH relation and are CLASS DYNAMIC.

Tokenizer 8: Enable BLOB,PLUGIN and TEMPLATE to be read in from the symbols.txt file

Tokenizer 8: Eliminate the second PTOC table from the encoded file, if it is empty
2419Attribute reference is now properly encoded
2523HART Tokenizer crash on GRID.VECTORS with a vector that has only one element
2493HART Tokenizer doesn't support "NO_LABEL" menu item qualifier for image references

ProfiBus Tokenizer
2220Expression EnumeratedVar(EnumeratedVar)

Preliminary support for SEMANTIC_MAP
2429improved - Added additional trace messages
2427fixed - VARIABLE_STATUS Selector Type verification
2429fixed - Improved syntax checking for dictionary parser
2443fixed - Profibus tokenizer is not encoding expression EnumeratedVar(EnumeratedVar) correctly.
2459METHOD Debugger Builtin not encoded by PB, PN, GPE Tokenizer
1147partially fixed - Checking that METHODs with parameters cannot be called without arguments
2508PB tokenizer allows LABEL attribute for COMPONENT_REFERENCE which is not legal attribute for this construct
2581Bit Masks (item_mask) with 8 Byte length should be supported
2531PROFIBUS Tokenizer should support -D command line option to define macros
2443Profibus tokenizer is not encoding expression EnumeratedVar(EnumeratedVar) correctly
2508PB tokenizer allows LABEL attribute for COMPONENT_REFERENCE which is not legal attribute for this construct
2443Profibus tokenizer is not encoding expression EnumeratedVar(EnumeratedVar) correctly
2443EnumeratedVar(EnumeratedVar) encodes now all expressions
1147partially fixed - Checking that METHODs with parameters cannot be called without arguments
2459METHOD Debugger Builtin not encoded by PB, PN, GPE Tokenizer
2428PB Tokenizer license check fails if IDE not in Admin

FF Tokenizer
2297Remove CHARACTERISTIC for ISA100, add EDD_PROFILE construct

Information Model Server

fixed Device identification properties to have correct data type in all cases

improved and extended automatic Information Model Server tests (ISA100 identification information and BlockType properties)

fixed conversion of ArrayValues with no elements to have correct data type

fixed reading and subscribing of BlockType properties by using correct VariableDataType information from host (provided by Device Model Services in BrowseResult objects)

fixed duplicate DeviceType child nodes (added by host and IMS with same BrowseName)

New interface version

Human readable external name of instance is part of “BeginConnectDevice” call

BlockType support implemented

Local Discovery Service registration implemented

PORT address changed: 4845

Correct requested name “GetHealthStatus” to correct EDD name

HART Sample Package

DD modified to pass advanced HART Tokenizer validation (Missing referenced entries in Collections)

Updated project file with standard library path settings as new tokenizer expects this

PROFIBUS Sample Package

Updated Supported FDI Version

Updated project file with standard library path settings as new tokenizer expects this

FF Sample Package

Updated project file with standard library path settings as new tokenizer expects this

FF DD Library
2437fixed wrong Version information

Updated Library to include newer information(Standard Connection Points).

Added batch files to support Tokenizer 6.

Added SCP standard block and parameters

Added ISA100 standard block and parameters

Device Package Conformance Test Tool
2255P_4_2_004 and P_4_2_005 (Strong Name tests) failing but should pass
2259FDI CTT has false failure for hand-held menus in test case P_3_2_077
2260FDI CTT has false failure for a window linked from an image
2261P_3_2_071 - A Method not defined - not enough information in FDI CTT log
2262FDI CTT falsely fails "validity" items in an FF EDD - P_3_2_033
2351Profibus test campaign, P_3_2_101 throws error for initial value out of range on bit-enumerated

2218"Official FF Test Campaign" Test Case P_3_2_032 Fails if "Upload_Wanted" or "No_Download" Collections are empty
1959Can't see the test case description in the Test Results window
1958Can't filter on failed tests in Test Results
2387circular loop in refresh relations
2352Missing a DPCTT conformance check for GetHealthStatus
769Validation of Package Catalog now to latest schema v1.0.3 from FDI 1.1
1896Added P_3_2_108 to check for forbidden (UI) builtins in GetHealthStatus
2374Removed P_3_2_047 as an invalid test (impossible to fully check)
2387Removed P_3_2_066 as an invalid test (circular REFRESHes are allowed)

Added auto-sign of test cases to build process
2255More work on adding known FDI DLLs to UIPHostModule/Version0_18_1/UIPTestEnvironmentAdapter.cs
2530Modified P_2_084 and 085 to only check the item table for existence, and avoid loading the item (causes errors)
769removed some obsolete testcases from the .TG files
2259added hh_diagnostic_root menu to known menus
2484Changed P_4_2_004 and _005 to accept different (released) versions of Fdi.dll as valid
2546P_2_3_005: Fixed issue related to the newest XML Schema not being part of the installer

Updated version info on Utility.dll to force installation of new version

Updated version info on UIPHostModule.dll to force installation of new version
2637Fixed missing entry point error

Performed manual signing of standard test campaigns
2283Fixed stack overflow crash in EDD Engine

License Manager

Binary file is now digitally signed

LicenseManager does not delete the license file anymore.

Signing Tool

FDI_PACKAGE_SIGNING_TOOL.EXE graphical interface:added support for passing intermediate certs to fdiNotary

fdiNotary.exe commandline tool:added option for SHA256 signature. Default is still SHA1.added option for inclusion of intermediate certificatesintegrated validation via the fdiPackageVerifier DLLmade the "sign" command skip the FDI Registration Certificatemade the "sign" command call the fdiPackageVerifierDll with the option to accept 0 signatures

fdiPackageVerifier.dll:Changed the SHA1 signature validation "error" to a "warning"

Note: There is a bug related to specifying the signing certificate by serial number. To work around this, use the SHA1 thumbprint instead to identify the signing certificate by specifying the "--sha1" option rather than the "--serial" option”
2653fdiPackageVerifier.dll is changed to more robust behavior, when validation of FDI package ends in an error.This allows deployment of packages even in case of an error.
See also section 6.3 How to deploy a package if the import of the package leads to an Error of these document.

Integrated FdiPackageVerifier v2.0.0.8 libraries

Improved Validation of Signatures for devicepackes. Makes use of new configuration file “FdiSignatureVerifier.config”

Sample UIP

Recompiled with Fdi.dll v1.1.0.4

UIP State machine added for Sample UIP

Updated .net Framework to Version 4.6.1

Release 1.2.1  - October 2017

Important new features in this release include:
  • Tokenizers updated to support prior versions of the encoded formats (ff0, ff5, fm6, fm8)
  • UIPs running within a sandbox
  • Time stamps for the FDI Package signature
  • ISA100, HART-IP/WirelessHART protocols enabled
  • New Generic Protocol Extension to allow the addition of Modbus, Ethernet/IP and future extensions as they become available

Installation updates:
  • Added a Prerequisite installation step to update Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and .NET

The following issues were resolved in this release:

Device Model Services
#1263 Change EDD VALIDITY behavior according to EDDL specification
#1747 HQAUIB20260 GET_DEV_VAR_VALUE - refresh action test fails.
#1841 IUpDownloadDialog shall provide error ID that host can work with messages
#1930SPECIALIST Attribute is not generated for Actions in UID
#1944 Methods during upload must access offline data set
#1966  “The access level does not allow reading or subscribing to the node." error while writing COND0070 and COND0073 variable
#2039 fm6/fm8 without "response_code" (ITEM_ID 150), "device_status" (ITEM_ID 151), and "comm_status" (ITEM_ID 152) are supported
#2074 Add DMS support for new LOCAL_B construct
#2104 FF HTK DD5 (grid vector) supported
#2149EDD Menus Include Block Parameter Lists by Default
#2177 Variable set computed by upload_from_device_root_menu shall be transferred to offline data set
#2194 ISA100 Offline upload parameters total count displayed is different from the actual count uploaded
#2205 Newly valid variable values should display edited values if edited
#2231 put_string_value2() builtin does not work – improved handling of BuiltinAdapter::SetParamValue() for BITSTRING variables
#2270 Extended class BuiltinDialogAbortedError by UiEngineCode to indicate ActionExecutionFailedDueToInnerActionFailure with a dedicated type.
#2274 LABEL Selector returns always the default language
#2294 Direct Dictionary References resolve to the default language only
#2303Initial value calculation of index variable depending on conditioned item array not working
#2314 Gap in DMS - Browse for "ActionSet" not implemented
#2322 Accessing additional LIST elements which were added in online
#2342 Displayed parameter values not updated after POST_WRITE_ACTION (Profibus/Profinet conformance test case FDI_H_4_18_019_PA)

Managed .NET interface version

Integrated new EDD Engine 4.0.6
FDI IDE Plugin
#2209ISA100 specific VARIABLE CLASS attributes (i.e. STATIC and CONSTANT) not recognized by FDI Eclipse IDE Plugin
#2227  Package Signing Tool must be removed from Eclipse Plugin
#2251Improve console output of Packager
#2269 UIP development - runtime environment information shall be configurable via UIP project settings
#2347 OSS information must be included in ReadMe/Documentation
#2354Wrong FDI Technology Version is used

Added new keywords for syntax highlighting (LOCAL_A, LOCAL_B, LAYOUT_TYPE, ...)
#2316 AppID for HART Modem driver corrected

OSS information is available in folder .\OpenSourceSoftware in Setup Zip
Reference Run-time Environment
#1949 Support new version of FDI catalog schema
#2142 Support FDI Package of type “Profile”
#2242 Continuous Response Code Busy (0x20) Produces infinite loop in METHOD
#2243 CMB18020-003: Host must only send 1 Data Link Layer Delayed Response
#2317 Provide Extension to RRTE to fix the Yokogawa HART Modem Driver Issues [2242, 2243]

Merged HART modem configuration items into the Fdi.HARTModemDriver.config file and removed Fdi.HARTModemDriver.config2 file from “Configuration” folder

Added log appender for the HARTModemDriver module in the Logging.config file
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Tokenizer
#1938 FF Tokenizer is crashing while creating “.ff6” 
#1952 FF Tokenizer is not encoding "Status-Class" correctly for Bit-enumerated variables.
#2188 ISA100 Tokenizer error for ISA100 specific VARIABLE CLASS attributes (i.e. STATIC and CONSTANT). Added support for VARIABLE CLASS “CONSTANT”.
#2284Fixed crash related to SEPARATOR item being used in menus
HART Tokenizer
#1981 HART tokenizer inserts duplicate index entries in Item to Command Table (Item_Cmd_Table_Struct)

SHARED and PRIVATE attributes added to the FILE item.

Added LIST elements to the relation table handled like ARRAY by replacing the unused RECORD element handling.

Consistently ordered the symbol table by symbol number.

Enable BLOB, PLUGIN and TEMPLATE types to be read-in from Symbols.txt.

Enable the listing of Imported files when –v command line switch is set.

Fixed the very old bug that allowed duplicate entries in the update table.
ProfiBus/ProfiNet Tokenizer
#1983Conditionals in Attribute MEMBERS of Construct GRAPH
#1995 Conditionals in Attribute MEMBERS of Construct CHART
#2121Support builtin Menu
#2171ARRAY OF IMAGE supported
#2353 UTF8 EDDs are not handled correctly
HART Sample Package
#2302Sample UIP file structure corrected. New version of Sample UIP is 1.1.1, new Version of HART Sample Package is 0.1.96
UI Engine
#1715HQACHT40040: Source label is not shown correctly
#1873Label shall be shown complete when enough space is available
#1942Newly valid variable should be initialized to Uninitialized value
#1973HQAIMG13000 Linked menu label is not shown when menu is opened through link
#2110Edit Format Examples for FLOAT Variables in RRTE are False/Misleading/Confusing
#2114Automatically Generated Chart AXIS is not large enough to show all data
#2175Cancelling Read, Write and Browse service are not support for UIP
#2211When a UIP is opened an empty console window is opened on Windows 7
#2212 When a messagebox is opened from UIP, it does not stay on TOP
#2279Assertions in DefaultWindowFactory sometimes if there is a delay in opening UIP
EDD Engine
#2083HQAUIB28XXX - display_response_status fails with selection 9: Multi-Definition
#2156ISA100: MENU not available when MENU_ITEM reference to invalid block instance
#2275HELP Selector does not work in METHOD.DEFINITION
#2298Support for CONSTANT Class attribute in EDDEngine
#2318EDD Engine EndMethod should return correct return code if UI builtin is canceled
FDI Package Conformance Test Tool
#2001Template issues with FF

Release 1.1.6 - May 12, 2016

See attached release notes for full details.