FieldComm Group uses an online collaborative tool to organize all Working Group activities.  The Workspace is the place to go for all Working Group information, such as

  • Shared documents
  • Calendar of Events
  • Group messaging
  • Ballots

A list of Working Groups is available here.

A User Guide is available here.

Only current members of FieldComm Group can participate in the Working Groups.

Here is an example of how to join a Project Group, in this case the "WirelessHART Marketing" Project Group.





  • Your membership status will be verified and the account will be approved, please allow 24 hours for this process to occur. Once approved please log in and go to the Communities tab, then select the Working Group you want to join.



  • Then click on the JOIN COMMUNITY button to join.



  • Once you join the main Working Group, then you can join the Project Groups managed by that group. 




  • Once you get to the Project Group page, click on the JOIN COMMUNITY button to join the Project Group.