Updated for 2020 Meetings!

FieldComm Group is now using a mobile app to facilitate logistics around Working Group meetings.  This app provides relevant information about the event, such as meeting agendas, room assignments and wifi codes.  Members can use the app to identify the meetings they will be attending and automatically add them to their personal calendar.  Social features allow members to upload images and other materials to share with the group.

FieldComm Group uses a Whova to provide our mobile application.  You will need to download their application first from the app store:

Once you login, you will be required to create an app account.  Please create an account using the same email address you registered for the meeting.  

Once configured, the meeting agenda will be immediately available.

Whova proivdes a great tutorial at https://whova.com/resources/how-to-guide/user-tutorial/ 

What if I don't have a mobile device?  Or, my company prohibits me from installing applications?

Each meeting also has a mobile website that can be accessed from any device.  The URL to that meeting is provided in the announcement email. 

What if I don't see the meeting?

Make sure you used the same email address that you used to sign up for the meeting.  If corporate policies prevent you from using your corporate email, please contact FieldComm Group and provide an alternate email address.

Do I still need the 4/6 digit code?

No.  The app used in 2019 authenticated by sending you a 4/6 digit code to  your email address.  This new app will have you setup a username/password for authentication.  A big advantage is that once installed for the first meeting, then next meets will automatically show up in your app.  Also, any personal settings for the first meeting will carry over to next meetings.