Release of New Ethernet-APL Technical and Conformance Specifications
FieldComm Group is excited to announce the inaugural release of the Ethernet-APL Specifications, including the Ethernet-APL Port Profile Specification, EMC Test Specification and Engineering Guidelines.

FieldComm Group members now have an opportunity to develop new Ethernet-APL products that meet the released Port Profile Specification requirements and system integrators and end users have an Engineering Guide for reference in the installation and maintenance of these networks.

“Ethernet-APL represents a significant step change for the physical deployment of products - Ethernet in the field for industrial applications, with improved bandwidth and all the robustness, interoperability and safety for hazardous areas,” says Sean Vincent, Director of Technology Programs and Conformance Chair. “Ethernet-APL is an integral part of bringing Ethernet to the field for process automation industries."

What is Ethernet-APL?
Ethernet-APL is an enhanced physical layer for single-pair Ethernet (SPE) based on 10BASE-T1L. It communicates via a cable length of up to 1000 meters at 10 MBit/s, full-duplex, which is more than 300 times faster than current technologies, such as HART or H1 fieldbus. It is the logical extension for Ethernet and provides the attributes required for reliable operation in the field of a process plant. Ethernet-APL is a physical layer that will be able to support Ethernet/IP, HART-IP, OPC-UA, PROFINET or any other higher-level protocol. Read more
Ethernet-APL Port Profile Specification
The Ethernet-APL Port Profile Specification version defines the ports which are the fundamental connections of Ethernet-APL products and provides the necessary industrial automation extensions to realize a standardized and interoperable IEEE 802.3cg network. This specification provides the fundamentals for connection points between field devices and switches.
Ethernet-APL EMC Test Specification
The Ethernet-APL EMC Test Specification defines the tests that ensure consistent EMC immunity and emissions of products with at least one port built to the Ethernet-APL Port Profile Specification.

Ethernet-APL Engineering Guideline
Defined strictly as a physical layer, Ethernet-APL supports any Ethernet-based protocol including those with real-time capabilities. The Ethernet-APL Engineering Guideline provides guidance for users and preparation for the deployment of Ethernet-APL networks.
Members can access these specifications via FieldComm Group’s Workspace at or by logging on to ShareFile. Ethernet-APL technical documents are also available for viewing on our website

If you have any questions, please contact us through FieldComm Group's Support Portal.