Preliminary Ethernet-APL Data Test Specification 1.5.7
Preliminary Ethernet-APL Power Test Specification 1.5

Member Comments Requested
Deadline: April 19, 2024
FieldComm Group has posted the Ethernet-APL Data Test Specification 1.5.7 and Ethernet-APL Power Test Specification 1.5 for member review and comment. Members are encouraged to submit comments by April 19, 2024.
The conformance team have implemented new testing tools and methods to streamline procedures and enhance the reliability of results. Additionally, test setups and procedures were revised based on feedback and insights gained since the release of the previous version of the test specifications. As a whole, these improvements will help align, simplify, and clarify the test results captured by developers and FieldComm Group test labs.

The test specifications are developed and maintained through a joint collaboration between FieldComm Group, ODVA, OPC Foundation and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International.
The proposed Ethernet-APL Data Test Specification v1.5.7 is provided for review. The following updates have been made:
  • Added references in Appendices to ensure consistent definitions
  • Added 'comments' to better describe items
  • Clarified labels to ensure optional setup is clear
  • Added Appendix A  "For Multi-port Bridging (Switching) DUTs"
  • The language in Step 4 of the section includes coverage of a cut-through bridge. There is no 'judgement' being made as to whether cut-through is (or is not) acceptable. Simply acknowledging the existence, hence packets received with errors will be forwarded up until the time the port receiving the packet on ingress detects the error.
The proposed Ethernet-APL Power Test Specification v1.5 is provided for review. The following updates have been made:
  • Updated inrush current testing
  • Clarified step and spike testing
  • Resolved comments received through test lab inquiries
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