Updated Ethernet-APL, FDI and HART Specifications Released
New FDI EDD to OPC-UA Mapping Specification and PSD for EtherNet/IP Specification  
FieldComm Group is excited to announce the the release of several updated specifications to all members. 
Ethernet-APL Specification Updates 
  • FCG_TS10186 {1.1} is an update to the  Ethernet-APL Port Profile Specification, which contains minor changes to address feedback from conformance testing.   
  • FCG_TT10188 {1.4} is an update to the Ethernet-APL Data Test Specification. 
  • FCG_TT10187 {1.1} is an update to the Ethernet-APL EMC Test Specification. 
  • FCG_TT10189 {1.1} is an update to the Ethernet-APL Power Test Specification.  
    Additional documents have been added to support the test procedures and installation of Ethernet-APL devices. 
  • FCG_AG10334 {1.1} Ethernet-APL Power CTS Method of Implementation 
  • FCG_AG10335 {1.0.4} Ethernet-APL Data Tests Method of Implementation 
  • FCG_AG10336 {1.1} Ethernet-APL Test Equipment 
  • FCG_AG10337 {1.0} Ethernet-APL Installation Drawing-Device Vendors 
  • FCG_AG10338 {1.0} Ethernet-APL Installation Drawing-Device End Users 
Download the Ethernet-APL Specifications (ShareFile access required)
FDI Specification New Releases and Updates 
There are three new parts to the Field Device Integration specifications that accompany the 1.3 update, they are listed below. 
  • FCG TS62769-8 {1.0} is a new specification, Part 8: EDD to OPC-UA Mapping, which defines how the internal view of a device model represented by the EDD can be transferred into an external view as an OPC-UA information model by mapping EDD constructs to OPC-UA objects. 
  • FCG TS62769-102-2 {1.0} is a new specification, PSD for EtherNet/IP, which contains the protocol-specific definitions for the EtherNet/IP protocol. 
  • FCG TS62769-151-1 {1.0} is a new specification, PSD for OPC UA, which contains the protocol-specific definitions for the OPC UA protocol. 
The other existing FDI specifications were updated to clarify and correct issues reported by the Membership, the complete list of changes can be found within the individual specifications. The important changes are summarized below: 
  • Interactive transfer as a new set of device root menus that allow for user interaction during an upload or download to a device. 
  • Feature Table, which includes a flag for Unit Conversion. If this flag is enabled in the Feature Table, the unit conversion for all units of the device are provided within the package. 
  • Metadata for attachments to aid users in identifying the language and purpose of each attachment within the package.  
Download the FDI Specifications (ShareFile access required)
HART Protocol Specifications Corrigenda 
Three HART Protocol Specifications received minor corrections or clarifications in this release.  
  • FCG TS20013 {7.8} The Network Management provides clarifications and improvements to HART-IP requirements based on member feedback and experience developing secure clients and servers. In addition, clarifications and corrections were made principally to HART-IP related Common Practice Commands. Other minor typos corrected, and editorial improvement made in both the Network Management and Common Practice Command Specifications. Common Tables have been updated to reflect new Manufacturer IDs, Expanded Device Types, and other tables as needed.  
  • FCG TS20085 {3.0.1} is a corrigendum to the Network Management Specification. As such it exclusively addresses corrections and clarifications to Factory Reset Defaults, Process Unit Tag, labeling, Mandatory Initial Security Provisioning, Client Identity, and Audit Logs. The improvements are principally the result of experience developing the QA/QC plan for registering HART-IP devices and feedback from product developers.   
  • FCG TS20151 {12.0.1} is a corrigendum release to promulgate clarifications and corrections to assist all developers and users. The improvements include: 
    • Wording associated with Client Subscriptions improved and made more generic. In addition, since subscriptions are volatile, Command 533 does not affect CC. Annex A was updated accordingly 
    • In Command 541, Password clarified to require printable characters only. Response Code 9 improved accordingly. Write Protect was deprecated in Commands 541 and 547. 
    • Response Codes for Client ID errors added to Commands 541 and 542. 
    • In Command 543, default values for syslog server IP Ports and HOSTNAME were defined. 
Download HART Protocol Specifications (ShareFile access required)
The collection of new and updated specifications is available for immediate download by all FieldComm Group members. Access is provided through FieldComm Group’s ShareFile. If you do not have access, please submit a support ticket.  For additional information, please visit the support portal. 
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