Troubleshooting the Host Test Kit and associated Test Specifications.


HCF_TEST-513 (FCG TT20513)

Section 9 - Communication Library Tests (HQACMBxxxxx)


Title:  HART Host Tests for Communication Library Support (HQACMBxxxxx) are Unexpectedly Failing


Problem: When running tests from specification FCG TT20513 (formerly HCF_TEST-513), my host is failing the Communication Library Tests (HQACMBxxxxx) with FCG Host Test Kit 1.0 release.  In older versions of the HART Host Tests, my host was able to pass.  What changed?


Issue:  The HART Device emulator, XMTR-MV, uses special *.MOD files to model the responses from the emulated device during execution of these HART Host Tests.  The location of these *.MOD files was changed for the new unified FCG Host Test Kit, but the INI files that set up XMTR-MV for the HART Communication Library Tests were not updated to reflect the new path to find these *.MOD files.  As a result, XMTR-MV is unable to respond appropriately during execution of the methods in these test cases.  

In previous versions of the HART Host Tests, these *.MOD files were installed to the folder  “C:\HCF\DDL\HostTest\Tests\INI\mods\”.  

In the FCG Host Test Kit 1.0 release, these *.MOD files are now installed to the folder  “C:\FCG\HTK\HART\HostTest\Tests\INI\mods\”, however, the *.INI files that need to help XMTR-MV locate these MOD files is still looking in the location from the original HART Host Test Kit installation.


Solution:  End users with an installation of FCG Host Test Kit 1.0 can browse to the folder “C:\FCG\HTK\HART\HostTest\Tests\INI\” and edit two of the INI files:



In each of these files, the last line should be edited to change the incorrect path as follows:


A future maintenance release of the FCG Host Test Kit will provide corrected INI files to resolve the issue permanently.