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What is the H1 ITK?

The H1 Interoperability Test Kit (H1 ITK) tests the functionality of a device and its conformity with FOUNDATION fieldbus function block and transducer block specifications. An excellent tool for troubleshooting and debugging devices, the test kit includes all hardware and software required to ensure a manufacturer’s complete device interoperability as specified by the foundation’s official registration testing procedure.

The H1 ITK has now been updated to support powerful field diagnostics capabilities, which standardize how all fieldbus devices communicate their diagnostic data to the host system and asset management system–regardless of the manufacturer.

Diagram below shows a typical test configuration.

What can I do with H1 ITK?

The H1 ITK is used for interoperability testing of H1 field devices. The kit will verify the functionality of a device and its conformity to the Function Block Specifications. The included software allows you to run tests identical to those used by the FieldComm Group before sending your device for official registration. With the H1 ITK, you can select to run the full set of tests or only a portion of the available tests.

What are the benefits of H1 ITK?

§ Assists in Device Development (test during development)

§ Pre-testing a device to minimize testing costs

§ Runs all or a portion of the test cases

§ Enables developers to implement field diagnostics capabilities

What is included with ITK?

New licenses include:

USB Drive containing:

  • H1 ITK Test Library
  • H1 ITK Executable
  • H1 ITK Test Cases (source and binary)
  • H1 ITK User’s Manual
  • H1 ITK Test Case Library Document
  • H1 ITK Test Case Description
  • DD Viewer Software
  • NI-FBUS H1 Software* & Interface Drivers
  • Check Prompt Application (for the Automation Toolkit, optional add-on product ordered separately)

USB H1 Interface Card**

Test Function Block


*NI-FBUS Software installation includes Communications Manager, Configurator, and Bus Monitor.  Only Communications Manager is included with the license for the ITK.  Users wishing to activate Configurator and Bus Monitor are required to obtain a separate license from National Instruments.

**(Optional) – The H1 ITK can be ordered with a NI PCI-FBUS/2 Interface instead of the standard NI USB-8486 H1 Interface card at no additional charge

What are the system requirements?

One multi-core PC is required, running Windows® 10/11 (32-bit / 64-bit), with one available PCI slot or USB port. 

What additional components do I need to use the H1 ITK?

Fieldbus Segment (bulk power supply, Fieldbus power supply and conditioner, Fieldbus terminators, etc.)

Are there optional components to H1 ITK?

Yes. The Interoperability Test Kit Automation Tool eliminates the need for manual intervention during interoperability testing. The tool controls the bus power, simulate jumper, and write protect jumper automatically when prompted by the test cases.

What support is covered under a new license agreement to the ITK?

Support includes general questions, corrections, bug fixes and product enhancements and is granted for the first year under new signed license agreements.

What additional support options are available to keep up-to-date with the latest versions?

Maintenance agreements are available for purchase in the Product Service Program and will give an additional 12 months of support beyond the standard included support.  All updates are available to active maintenance agreement holders and can be downloaded by any person holding a maintenance license agreement.  License holders with maintenance are notified of updates when they are released and are provided access to download them at that time.

Am I required to re-register my existing registered device to the latest H1 ITK version?

No, however test cases for new features and block profiles are continuously added to the H1 ITK. We encourage you to take advantage of the latest available test requirements by keeping devices up to date with the H1 ITK.

Can I self-register my H1 devices with this software?

No, registration for all devices must be done at FieldComm Group. The H1 ITK test kit will assure that your device meets the specifications prior to testing. The kit will also reduce downtime and registration fees incurred during official registration test campaigns.

Which DD files will be posted to FieldComm Group’s website?

The latest DD4 files (extension .ffo and .sym) and DD5 files (extension .ff5 and .sy5) and Capabilities file (.CFF) will be posted in a single zip archive.  The latest FDI Package (.fdix) containing a DD6 (extension .ff6) will also be posted.

Which DD technology versions are supported by the ITK?

The DD technology version requirements are defined in the Device ITK Profile Specification.

How do I get support?

  • Search the knowledge base
  • Open a new ticket with your question
  • Contact FieldComm Group Tech Support +1-512-792-2300