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The Host Test Kit exercises the functions and operations of a host and assists in verifying its conformity to the applicable Host Conformance Test Specifications.  Conformance tests are specified for FDI by the FDI Host Conformance Test Specification, and each protocol. Hosts may implement a combination of technologies.

The Host Test Kit is an excellent tool for troubleshooting and debugging, the kit includes Device Support Files and simulation devices for testing purposes. The kit is used to ensure a manufacturer’s complete product integration as specified by FieldComm Group’s official registration testing procedures.


  • Standardized test cases per the released test specifications and procedures.
  • Standardized DD files and FDI Device Packages for testing purposes - assuring host can run DD test cases and handle offline configuration parsing.
  • Library of DD source code for additional customized test scenarios for development.
  • Simulated test devices: HART XMTR-Multivariable application, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus Test Device hardware with all basic IO Function Blocks and specialized test transducer blocks.


  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus Host Test Kit User Guide (PS30218)
  • Host Test Kit Installation Files (DD & CF) Source (TP30472)

  • Host Test Kit Installation Files (DD & CF) Binary (TP30473)

  • Standard H1 Host Test Field Device (TP30480)

  • Host Test Kit Users Guide (PS30218)

  • HART XMTR-Multivariable Application (XMTR-MV) (TP20039)

  • HART EDD Test Library (TP20128)

  • FDI Host Test Kit User Guide (PS10150)

  • FDI Host Conformance Test Kit (TP10148)

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 10 (64-Bit only) 
  • 1‐GHz‐Processor (faster is better)   
  • 2 GB RAM (more is better)
  • FDI Device Package IDE & Standard DD Library (if building custom EDDs or FDI Packages)

General Hardware Requirements

  • 250 Ohm resistor (for HART tests)
  • HART-Registered modem (either USB or RS-232)
  • Available Serial (RS-232) or USB port for a HART-Registered modem
  • Power Conditioner (for FF tests)
  • 2 Terminators (for FF tests)
  • DB-9 to H1 Connector (for FF tests) 
  • 24V Industrial Power Supply

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