What is the H1 Conformance Test Kit?

The H1 Conformance Test Kit (CTK) allows the user to ensure a manufacturer's communication stack conforms to Foundation Fieldbus specifications, and that it will meet the interoperability standards of FOUNDATION™ technology.

What is a Communication Stack?

The Fieldbus communication stack is the messaging component of a field device. Specifically, the stack is composed of the data link layer, the fieldbus access sub-layer, the fieldbus message specification, and system/network management agents.

How has the H1 CTK Version 4.0 been upgraded?

The H1 CTK is a successful, proven testing solution that has been in use around the world for over 20 years. The new version of the tool has been updated to the latest testing capabilities, as well as a current platform offering a familiar, user-friendly Windows® interface. The H1 CTK 4.0 is designed for suppliers developing new H1 communications stacks, as well as those who have modified an existing stack and want to run test cases pre-qualifying it for the registration process.

When is the H1 Conformance Test Kit available for purchase?

The H1 Conformance Test Kit is available for purchase now. Pricing information can be found on FieldComm Group’s website at www.fieldcommgroup.org or order form go.fieldcommgroup.org/orderform

Why should I purchase the H1 CTK?

The H1 CTK is the perfect tool for debugging and troubleshooting a FOUNDATION fieldbus communication stack in order to ensure proper communication from device to device and from devices to host systems. This tool is designed for use by anyone developing a stack, or anyone who buys a stack and wishes to modify it. The tool kit will help ensure the stack performs correctly before being sent to FieldComm Group for stack conformance testing.

What components are included in a new license of the H1 CTK?

The H1 CTK includes: 

H1 Conformance Test System software

Upper Test Agent code (UTA)

Softing FFusb H1 interface

What other hardware is required for H1 conformance testing?

In order to successfully test your H1 stack for conformance, you will also need:

· Power Supply

· Power Conditioner

· Fieldbus Cable

· Two (2) Terminators

What are the benefits of upgrading to H1 Conformance Test Kit 4.0?

Version 4.0 has three (3) major improvements:  

Windows® 7, 8, 10 Support 

Test engine code was updated to support both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems

Hardware Interface Upgrade 

Added support for new Softing-based FFusb H1 test system interface

User Interface (UI) Upgrade 

New feature added to read the USB/H1 interface status

How do existing license holders obtain the update, and what do they receive?

Current H1 CTK license holders can purchase H1 CTK 4.0 at a special discounted rate. An order form is available online.

I do not have a license to the H1 Conformance Test Kit. How do I purchase a new one?

New licenses for the H1 CTK can be purchased by filling out the order form available online and accompanying that form with a company purchase order or other form of payment.  

What is the software upgrade policy for the H1 Conformance Test Kit.

License holders are entitled to all minor and maintenance updates. For example, if you license H1 Conformance Test Kit 4.0, then the following updates are provided without charge: 4.0.1, 4.1, 4.2… whereas Major releases (5.0, 6.0, …) are made available through an upgrade fee.

If I have an original ISA-based fieldbus interface card, or PCI-FBUS/2 or PCMCIA-FBUS card, how can I get new hardware?

The Softing H1-USB interface hardware is included as part of this upgrade.

What are the system requirements for the H1 CTK 4.0 or above?

  • Computer running Windows® 7
  • Available USB Port

Does the H1 CTK come with a warranty?

Yes. The H1 CTK has a one (1) year parts warranty from the date of delivery.

How do I obtain support for this product?

Licensed H1 CTK users may contact Tech Support by opening a new ticket in this support portal.

What support is covered?

Support includes general questions about the tool.

What if I need additional Support?

Users requiring additional support beyond what is offered within FieldComm Group may request consulting services by one of our highly skilled staff members. The cost is calculated on a per request basis and is based upon numerous factors.  

Is it important to use only FOUNDATION tested stacks in my device or host? 

A FOUNDATION tested and conformant H1 stack is a requirement of the device and host registration process.  Use of a FOUNDATION tested stack in your device or host interface helps to ensure your product development goes as smoothly as possible. Devices (and hosts) that do not pass registration must be debugged and re-worked, which costs companies both time and money.  

I’m a device or host supplier, am I required to register the stack in my device or host?

Device and host developers who register their products are not required to independently register their H1 communication stack, however, every stack in a field device or host must have passed a conformance test as a pre-requisite to product test and registration.  This proof must be in the form of a stack conformance test report.  If you know the stack in your project has not been tested for conformance, this should be planned as part of your development schedule.  Testing of an H1 stack is done exclusively by FieldComm Group in Austin, Texas, USA.  Stack testing service fees for both members and non-members can be found on the fee tables published in this portal.

I’m a stack supplier, why should I register my stack with FieldComm Group?

Stack registration allows a stack supplier to use the FOUNDATION fieldbus product registration mark in advertisements and literature.  It is important to register your stack so that potential instrument or host manufacturers will know your stack meets conformance and adheres to the FOUNDATION fieldbus test specifications before they integrate it into one of their products.   

If I use the same stack in multiple devices (or hosts), am I required to test it for each implementation?

No. Once a stack has passed conformance test, it can be used in as many devices as you would like so long as the stack is not changed. Generally, "change" means that the software has been modified or the stack has been recompiled to run on a different processor from the one in which it was originally tested.  See the stack registration process document and the device registration process document for further clarification on what constitutes changes in a stack. Contact FieldComm Group if you need assistance.

How much does stack registration cost?

Stack registration costs for both members and non-members can be found on the fee tables published in this portal.