FieldComm Group offers Testing Services for the following product types:

  • HART 6 Field Devices
  • HART 7 Field Devices
  • WirelessHART Field Devices
  • HART Device Description Files (EDD)
  • HART Modem Interfaces (FSK, PSK)
  • H1 Field Devices
  • H1 Communication Stacks
  • H1/HSE Linking Devices
  • H1 Device Descriptions (EDD) and CFF Files 
  • FDI Device Packages (FF, HART)
  • Host Applications (FF, HART, FDI)

In addition, FieldComm Group can Audit and Register Wiring Components such as H1 Cables, H1 Power Supplies, and H1 Device Couplers.

FieldComm Group highly recommends pre-testing your product using the same tools available in our test labs. This will help with the product development cycle and likely reduce the time needed by FieldComm Group to test your product in our labs. With the exception of Wiring Components, FieldComm Group performs all requisite conformance testing on all submitted products.

We provide Registration Kits with test reports and forms to record your results and describe your product.  Registration Kits are provided when you send us a ticket to request a test date for your product. You can preview the Registration Kits at

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