FDI Device Package Registrations will be accepted provided the device (device type, device revision) is already Compliance Registered.

  • A manufacturer may submit a device and FDI Device Package for registration simultaneously. 
  • Devices are tested first, if it meets the requirements for registration the FDI Device Package is tested.


FDI Device Package Revisions will be accepted for Registration in the FDI Device Package Library provided that an FDI Device Package for that device type and device revision is already registered.

  • Updates made to FDI Device Packages must comply with the individual protocol compatibility rules. 
  • Any revision that would indicate a firmware change to the device will fail FDI Device Package registration. The device revision number must increase.  The device must be tested and registered before the FDI Package is submitted.

FDI Device Packages will be mandatory starting on December 31, 2020.

  • FieldComm Group will be requiring FDI Device Packages to be submitted with new device registrations and revised device registrations starting on December 31, 2020.


What needs to be submitted?

Purchase Order 

Payment is accepted via purchase order or credit card authorization. 

Each FDI Device Package submission must include payment for the fee.

Device Hardware

The FDI Device Package must be tested with a live device. 

FDI Device Package

The FDIX file that matches the device hardware.

Device Package Conformance Test Report

The Conformance Test Tool (CTT) result file.

FDI Usability Style Guide Assessment Results

Implementation of the FDI Usability Style Guide is optional, however if supported the results must be included in the submission. 

Source Code and Project Files

EDD source code and FDI project files are only required for HART Protocol products.  

HART FDI Device Package EDD source must follow the same submission requirements as a HART EDD Registration

The source submitted will be used to create *.fms, *.fm6, *.fm8 encoded files concurrent to the FDI Device Package. 

Please see PD10028 for more information.   

Where do I submit?

Each FDI Device Package is submitted as a separate ticket. The ticket serves as the application for testing and the test campaign historian.


Please open a new support request and specify the following:

Requester: Your email address

Company Name: Your company name

I need assistance with: Product Registration Details: FDI Device Package Additional Details: (select a Protocol)

Subject:  Model Name (i.e. Pressure100T)

Details: A short description

Attachments: Please attach the purchase order

You will receive a summary of the test campaign and a link to download the latest Registration Kit via email.  Please upload completed forms and FDI Device Package to the ShareFile link provided in the email from the support ticket system. 

Where do I send my device?

Please see the Registration Kit, Device Shipping Instructions. Device hardware must be sent to our Austin, Texas, USA facility.

Refer to the Product Registration Overview for all policies surrounding testing and registration of products. 

What versions of the tools are required for preparing a submission?

You should always use the latest released version of the development tools for pre-testing your product prior to submission to FieldComm Group. The latest released version is described in the Change Log for each tool. Click here to view the FDI Package IDE Change Log.