FDI Package IDE Release 1.5.0 Now Available for Immediate Download
Effective Date:
June 16, 2021
Maintenance Release
Affected Product(s):
FDI Package IDE
Product Line:

FieldComm Group is excited to announce the release of version 1.5.0 of the FDI Package IDE.   

FDI Package IDE 1.5.0 is an integrated development environment that unifies the creation of HART and FF DDs as well as FDI Device Packages within a single tool. Additionally, full support of HART and FF EDD development including EDD debugging and host assessor is included in this release. 

FieldComm Group requests that all FDI Package IDE users upgrade their installation now.  

What's New? 
  • Important new features in this release include: PA-DIM Server integrated with the Reference Run-Time Environment 

  • Semantic ID recognition by FDI Tokenizers 

  • IDE enhancements to support FDI Package Attachment Metadata and Feature Table for Unit Code Conversion 

  • Reference Run-Time Environment UI Engine enhanced for Optimized Layout support 

  • New HART Standard DD Library with Developer Guide 

  • HTML5 UIP DPCTT test cases bug fixes  

  • Ethernet/IP Communication Server (Generic Protocol License add-on) 

  • Signing Tool bug fixes and improvements 

The FDI Signing Tool is available as a separate download and installation from the FDI-IDE software. This enables higher mobility for this key piece of the registration process to occur wherever developers need to apply digital signatures to their FDI Device Packages.  Any current FieldComm Group member may request access to the FDI Signing Tool installer via Tech Support.  

The PA-DIM Specification and node set files for external OPC UA clients are available for members to download from ShareFile. If you do not have access to the Technical Specifications, please contact us to create a ShareFile account. 

Change Log  

The list of updates in this release of the FDI Package IDE is available on the FieldComm Group Support Portal

Life Cycle Support

This release is a replacement for FDI Package IDE release 1.4.2. Developers need to plan to update their FDI Package IDE within 6 months of this release, registration may require the latest Standard DD Library to be used.  

Is this a required or optional update? 
This is a required update for all licensees of the FDI Package IDE.   

When will I be required to use the FDI Package IDE for product registration testing? 
Please refer to the support portal for details. 

How can the update be obtained?    
License holders may obtain the new release by logging into ShareFile

My license file has expired, how do I obtain an updated file? 
License holders should receive updated license files upon the processing of their Product Service Program renewals. Contact Tech Support with questions. 

Where can I find more information about the transition of the IDEs? 
Please visit the Support Portal for Q&A about the transitions from the FF DD-IDE and HART DD-IDE to the FDI Package IDE. 

Need additional information or have a question?    
Please contact Tech Support