Release 1.2.1  - October 2017

Important new features in this release include:
  • Tokenizers updated to support prior versions of the encoded formats (ff0, ff5, fm6, fm8)
  • UIPs running within a sandbox
  • Time stamps for the FDI Package signature
  • ISA100, HART-IP/WirelessHART protocols enabled
  • New Generic Protocol Extension to allow the addition of Modbus, Ethernet/IP and future extensions as they become available

Installation updates:
  • Added a Prerequisite installation step to update Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and .NET

The following issues were resolved in this release:

Device Model Services
#1263  Change EDD VALIDITY behavior according to EDDL specification
#1747  HQAUIB20260 GET_DEV_VAR_VALUE - refresh action test fails.
#1841  IUpDownloadDialog shall provide error ID that host can work with messages
#1930 SPECIALIST Attribute is not generated for Actions in UID
#1944  Methods during upload must access offline data set
#1966   “The access level does not allow reading or subscribing to the node." error while writing COND0070 and COND0073 variable
#2039  fm6/fm8 without "response_code" (ITEM_ID 150), "device_status" (ITEM_ID 151), and "comm_status" (ITEM_ID 152) are supported
#2074  Add DMS support for new LOCAL_B construct
#2104  FF HTK DD5 (grid vector) supported
#2177   Variable set computed by upload_from_device_root_menu shall be transferred to offline data set
#2194  ISA100 Offline upload parameters total count displayed is different from the actual count uploaded
#2205  Newly valid variable values should display edited values if edited
#2231  put_string_value2() builtin does not work – improved handling of BuiltinAdapter::SetParamValue() for BITSTRING variables
#2270  Extended class BuiltinDialogAbortedError by UiEngineCode to indicate ActionExecutionFailedDueToInnerActionFailure with a dedicated type.
#2274   LABEL Selector returns always the default language
#2294  Direct Dictionary References resolve to the default language only
#2303 Initial value calculation of index variable depending on conditioned item array not working
#2314  Gap in DMS - Browse for "ActionSet" not implemented
#2322  Accessing additional LIST elements which were added in online
#2342  Displayed parameter values not updated after POST_WRITE_ACTION (Profibus/Profinet conformance test case FDI_H_4_18_019_PA)

Managed .NET interface version

Integrated new EDD Engine 4.0.6
FDI IDE Plugin
#2209 ISA100 specific VARIABLE CLASS attributes (i.e. STATIC and CONSTANT) not recognized by FDI Eclipse IDE Plugin
#2227   Package Signing Tool must be removed from Eclipse Plugin
#2251 Improve console output of Packager
#2269  UIP development - runtime environment information shall be configurable via UIP project settings
#2347  OSS information must be included in ReadMe/Documentation
#2354 Wrong FDI Technology Version is used

Added new keywords for syntax highlighting (LOCAL_A, LOCAL_B, LAYOUT_TYPE, ...)
#2316  AppID for HART Modem driver corrected

OSS information is available in folder .\OpenSourceSoftware in Setup Zip
Reference Run-time Environment
#1949  Support new version of FDI catalog schema
#2142  Support FDI Package of type “Profile”
#2242  Continuous Response Code Busy (0x20) Produces infinite loop in METHOD
#2243  CMB18020-003: Host must only send 1 Data Link Layer Delayed Response
#2317  Provide Extension to RRTE to fix the Yokogawa HART Modem Driver Issues [2242, 2243]

Merged HART modem configuration items into the Fdi.HARTModemDriver.config file and removed Fdi.HARTModemDriver.config2 file from “Configuration” folder

Added log appender for the HARTModemDriver module in the Logging.config file
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Tokenizer
#1938  FF Tokenizer is crashing while creating “.ff6” 
#1952  FF Tokenizer is not encoding "Status-Class" correctly for Bit-enumerated variables.
#2188  ISA100 Tokenizer error for ISA100 specific VARIABLE CLASS attributes (i.e. STATIC and CONSTANT). Added support for VARIABLE CLASS “CONSTANT”.
#2284 Fixed crash related to SEPARATOR item being used in menus
HART Tokenizer
#1981  HART tokenizer inserts duplicate index entries in Item to Command Table (Item_Cmd_Table_Struct)

SHARED and PRIVATE attributes added to the FILE item.

Added LIST elements to the relation table handled like ARRAY by replacing the unused RECORD element handling.

Consistently ordered the symbol table by symbol number.

Enable BLOB, PLUGIN and TEMPLATE types to be read-in from Symbols.txt.

Enable the listing of Imported files when –v command line switch is set.

Fixed the very old bug that allowed duplicate entries in the update table.
ProfiBus/ProfiNet Tokenizer
#1983 Conditionals in Attribute MEMBERS of Construct GRAPH
#1995  Conditionals in Attribute MEMBERS of Construct CHART
#2121 Support builtin Menu
#2171 ARRAY OF IMAGE supported
#2353  UTF8 EDDs are not handled correctly
HART Sample Package
#2302 Sample UIP file structure corrected. New version of Sample UIP is 1.1.1, new Version of HART Sample Package is 0.1.96
UI Engine
#1715 HQACHT40040: Source label is not shown correctly
#1873 Label shall be shown complete when enough space is available
#1942 Newly valid variable should be initialized to Uninitialized value
#1973 HQAIMG13000 Linked menu label is not shown when menu is opened through link
#2110 Edit Format Examples for FLOAT Variables in RRTE are False/Misleading/Confusing
#2114 Automatically Generated Chart AXIS is not large enough to show all data
#2175 Cancelling Read, Write and Browse service are not support for UIP
#2211 When a UIP is opened an empty console window is opened on Windows 7
#2212  When a messagebox is opened from UIP, it does not stay on TOP
#2279 Assertions in DefaultWindowFactory sometimes if there is a delay in opening UIP
EDD Engine
#2083 HQAUIB28XXX - display_response_status fails with selection 9: Multi-Definition
#2156 ISA100: MENU not available when MENU_ITEM reference to invalid block instance
#2275 HELP Selector does not work in METHOD.DEFINITION
#2298 Support for CONSTANT Class attribute in EDDEngine
#2318 EDD Engine EndMethod should return correct return code if UI builtin is canceled
FDI Package Conformance Test Tool
#2001 Template issues with FF

Release 1.1.6  - May 12, 2016

See attached release notes for full details.