Items shipped to Bilfinger Maintenance for test must be returned to the original shipper at their expense.  The following return shipping information form allows you to provide your preferred shipping company, your account number to use for the return shipment, and all the necessary fields to record the information about the components that are to be returned and the person and place where they are supposed to be shipped at the close of your upcoming campaign.  The device and any accessories that are shipped for a test service must be listed on this form, and all will be returned to the contact named on the following FR10168 document.  The contact will be emailed concerning tracking information for their shipment as soon as it is scheduled with the carrier.  


Under no circumstances will device samples be kept or stored at Bilfinger Maintenance after a test service is performed.      


It is important that the account number provided on the following page is for shipments back to the member company.  Some carriers provide different account numbers for outbound vs. inbound shipments (and likewise, imports vs. exports).    


All electronic parts and accessories shipped to Bilfinger Maintenance from anywhere outside of Germany must be listed on this form with the appropriate customs information for the purposes of duties and taxes associated with imports and exports.  All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the member company, not Bilfinger Maintenance, nor FieldComm Group.  Shipper must note on the original shipping invoice that all duties and taxes are to be paid by the shipper (member company).  Bilfinger Maintenance will note on return shipments that all duties and taxes are to be paid by the receiver (member company).


Items shipped from anywhere outside of Germany should be shipped as a “Temporary Export” to FieldComm Group for the purposes of testing.  This may reduce or even eliminate the duties and taxes associated with the shipment if it is returned shortly after it was shipped.  Please consult with your company’s shipping department for more details and specific country requirements concerning the necessary paperwork and procedures to ship your items as a “Temporary Export”.  Rules and regulations will vary by country, and we cannot provide those details.  


Items should be returned via UPS or DHL whenever possible.   If you wish to use a carrier other than UPS or DHL, please schedule a return shipment yourself and provide all the necessary paperwork and labels so that we can hand it off to the driver when they arrive.  


Large items that ship via crate or pallet should be carefully packaged in a way that they can be returned using the same packing materials.  Final Control Elements and other large items shipped for test should weigh less than 150 lbs. whenever possible.  DHL will not pick up a shipment at our request for items that weigh more than 150 lbs.   The original shipper would be required to schedule the DHL pickup from our office under those circumstances. 


If you wish to return shipments quickly or if you wish to insure the return shipment, please indicate that on the form.  It is assumed that items should be returned in the slowest available method and with NO insurance.