All FOUNDATION Fieldbus products are tested at our Austin, Texas facility. 

Ship devices to:

FieldComm Group

9430 Research Blvd.

Suite 1-120

Austin, TX 78759



Items shipped for test must be returned to the original shipper at their expense. Account information, shipper name, and shipping method must be provided on the following form. Items shipped to FieldComm Group without return shipping account information can be recycled at the discretion of the FieldComm Group if this information is not provided within 30 days after completion of a test campaign. The device and any accessories will be returned to the contact named on the following FF-298 document. The contact will be emailed concerning tracking information for their shipment as soon as it is scheduled with the carrier. 

Under no circumstances will samples be kept or stored at FieldComm Group without prior approval from the test administrator or without written consent of their donation to FieldComm Group by the member company.

It is important that the account number provided on the following page is for shipments back to the member company. Some carriers provide different account numbers for outbound vs. inbound shipments (and likewise, imports vs. exports).

All electronic parts and accessories shipped to FieldComm Group from anywhere outside of the United States must be accompanied with the appropriate customs information for the purposes of duties and taxes associated with imports and exports. All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the member company, not FieldComm Group. Shipper must note on the original shipping invoice that all duties and taxes are to be paid by the shipper (member company). FieldComm Group will note on return shipments that all duties and taxes are to be paid by the receiver (member company).

Items shipped from anywhere outside of the United States should be shipped as a “Temporary Export” to FieldComm Group for the purposes of testing. If the shipment is a “temporary export”, customs will expect that the items will be returned to the original shipper after testing is completed. This may reduce or even eliminate the duties and taxes associated with the shipment. Please consult with your company’s shipping department for more details and specific country requirements concerning the necessary paperwork and procedures to ship your items as a “Temporary Export”. Rules and regulations will vary by country, and we cannot provide those details.

Items should be returned via UPS, FedEx, or DHL whenever possible, since those are the carriers most capable of being scheduled for a pick up by this office.

Large items that ship via crate or pallet should be carefully packaged in a way that they can be returned using the same packing materials. FieldComm Group does not have a commercial shipping dock or a truck-height door, nor do we have strapping and banding materials and the supplies required to rebuild a crate or a pallet. Any crate or pallet shipped to FieldComm Group can be no larger than what will fit inside of a standard elevator door. Final Control Elements and other large items shipped for test should weigh less than 150 lbs. whenever possible. DHL will not pick up a shipment at our request for items that weigh more than 150 lbs. The original shipper would be required to schedule the shipment for pick up and export under those circumstances.