FDI Device Packages incorporate a newer version of EDDL Specifications which contains additional features that are not supported by an EDD-only toolset (i.e. Foundation Fieldbus DD-IDE, HART DD-IDE).    As the EDDL Specification continues to revise, new features may be available in the specifications before full tool support is available.   The following article provides methods on how common source can be managed to support both EDD-only and FDI Package applications.

Support for LOCAL_A, LOCAL_B

LOCAL_A, LOCAL_B is a new VARIABLE CLASS introduced in FCG 61804-3, Edition 4, section 9.1.2, Table 16.  As this EDDL Specification supports FDI Device Packages, the new class is not recognized by previous toolsets.

Pre-processor directives can be used as part of EDDL source to manage the different target applications in a common source project.

Example Code:

#if __TOKVER__ >= 1000

Note: This example pre-processor directive will not impact the symbols table for a HART EDD.