FOUNDATION Fieldbus EDD/CFF files may be updated with cosmetic changes and self-tested for submission to FieldComm Group. Please use the following instructions to prepare your submission.  

Click to download the REGISTRATION KIT

Acceptance Policy

There are two entry points for EDD Registration requests. The first entry point is to include the EDD with a Device submission. The second entry point is for a minor update to an existing EDD. Both methods are discussed below.

EDD/CFF Registrations will be accepted provided the device (device type, device revision) is already Compliance Registered or submitted for testing.

  • A manufacturer developing a new Device or a Device Revision must submitit with a corresponding EDD.
    • Devices and their corresponding EDD/CFF are tested in parallel.  
    • Registration is granted when both the Device and EDD/CFF have met the requirements of registration.
  • A manufacturer developing a new Device or a Device Revision will be required to include an FDI Device Package starting on December 31, 2020.  This is an additional requirement on top of EDD/CFF files. Please read more about FDI Device Package Registration and the updated timeline announcement

EDD/CFF Revisions will be accepted provided that an EDD/CFF for that device type and that device revision is already Registered.

  • Updates made to EDD/CFFs must comply with compatibility rules. 
  • Any revision that would indicate a firmware change to the device will fail EDD/CFF registration. In this case:
    • The device revision number must increase.  
    • The device revision must be tested and pass conformance testing.

Contact the Test Administrator


Testing in our labs is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  When you are ready to schedule a test:

  1. Open a Support Ticket, Request "Product Registration" and then "FF H1 Field Device"  and then "DD Revision" and attach “FF-284 Support File Registration Request.pdf” from the registration kit. 

    Please fill out the form completely, telling us everything about the device and files along with your contact information.

  2. Provide a Purchase Order (see the fee schedule published here and the requirements below)


Once your request has been processed, your lab dates are only tentatively reserved. To confirm the reservation in the FF lab schedule, we must also receive a valid purchase order on an official purchase order form from your company.   



Purchase Order Requirements


Lab time will not be scheduled until an official purchase order is provided by the manufacturer to cover all expected costs for a typical test campaign of the type associated with the product(s) to be tested.


In all circumstances, there will be two types of fees that should be on this PO:


1. Registration Certificate Fee – these fees differ for each type of product being tested and depending upon if the product has been previously registered with the Foundation.  The specific fees are listed at Testing and Registration Fees under the section titled “Registration Certificate Fees”.

2. Testing Services Fees – These fees depend somewhat on the complexity of the device under test, but may also change significantly if the device was not pre-tested to find problems that might exist.  See Testing and Registration Fees and review the published fees for “Testing Fees”. 


For example, an updated EDD/CFF test and registration would require the following minimum purchase order:


1.  EDD/CFF Re-Registration: US$250 

2.  EDD/CFF Testing Services (Day 1): US$250 - Self-Test Audit (or US$500 - FCG Lab Test, this requires the device to be shipped to our lab in Austin)

Complete Required Documentation  

Software Agreements (PL-316) and Testing Services Agreements (CS-453):


Testing will not begin until we receive a completed and pen-signed copy of each of these documents.  These documents are available in the field device registration kit.  These documents can be emailed, but they must contain original signatures.  One hard copy of each legal agreement will be signed by our President and returned to you at the close of the test campaign. 

Submit EDD/CFF Files

The files to be audited or tested in our lab must be delivered in the campaign support ticket prior to the scheduled test date. Incomplete submissions will be delayed or rescheduled. If the testing is to be performed by FieldComm Group, a device sample must be shipped to arrive 1-2 weeks prior to the scheduled test date. Please review our Shipping Requirements.  Please include a wiring diagram for your device if it uses more than two wires. 

Send the device(s) and all paperwork to:

<< Please contact FieldComm Group before shipping any products >>


FieldComm Group

Attn: Foundation Fieldbus Test Lab

9430 Research Blvd., Ste. 1-120

Austin, Texas  78759