This article provides an overview of the process to request FDI Host testing and registration. 

Obtain the Tools and Specifications 

FieldComm Group members should purchase the latest Host Test Kit if they do not already own one, or be enrolled in the Product Service Program to maintain their host test tools to the latest version available. 

Host suppliers may also purchase a license to the FDIsync Library or FDIsync for Developers license , either of these will allow access to all FieldComm Group Registered EDD, DD/CFF files and FDI Device Packages for integration with your host application. 

FDI Specifications are available via our main website.

FDI Host Conformance Test Specification (TT10031) is available to members via FieldComm Group's ShareFile site.

Download the FDI Host Registration Kit

The registration kit contains all of the required documentation and instructions concerning test and registration of an FDI Host.  


Since FDI is built on top of field communication technologies, you will need to also test and register the FOUNDATION Fieldbus Host or HART Host before or concurrently as an FDI Host. Each type of host has its own registration kit, they can be found here:

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Host Registration Kit

HART DD Host Registration Kit

Please see the FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART Host Registration pages for the specific pre-requisites of each:

Request FOUNDATION Fieldbus Host Testing and Registration

Request HART DD Host Registration

Contact the Test Administrator

Testing is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  When you are ready to schedule a Host Test:

  1. Open a Support Ticket, Request "Product Registration" and then "FDI Host" and attach “FR10040 Request for FDI Host Registration.pdf” from the registration kit. Please fill out the form completely, telling us everything about the host, along with your contact information.
  2. Provide a Purchase Order (see the fee schedule published here)


Please include a wiring diagram for your host with the final submission.

Purchase Order Requirements

Test time will not be scheduled until an official purchase order is provided by the manufacturer to cover all expected costs for a typical test campaign of the type associated with the product(s) to be tested.


In all circumstances, there will be two types of fees that should be on this PO:


1. Registration Certificate Fee – these fees differ for each type of product being tested and depending upon if the product has been previously registered.  The specific fees are listed at Testing and Registration Fees under the section titled “Registration Certificate Fees”.

2. Testing Services Fees – These fees depend somewhat on the complexity of the product under test, but may also change significantly if the host was not pre-tested to find problems that might exist.  See Testing and Registration Fees and review the published fees for “Testing Fees”. 


If the host will be tested on-site, additional costs need to be included on the initial Purchase Order to cover travel expenses. The true expenses are recorded for invoicing after the completion of the campaign. 


Complete Required Documentation  

Testing Services Agreements: Testing will not begin until we receive a completed and pen-signed copy of each the document.  These documents are available in the FOUNDATION Fieldbus or HART Host registration kits.  These documents can be emailed, but they must contain original signatures.  One hard copy of each legal agreement will be signed by our President and returned to you at the close of the test campaign. 

If this is not an on-site test, send the host and all paperwork to:


<< Please contact FieldComm Group before shipping any products >>

FieldComm Group

Attn: Host Test Lab

9430 Research Blvd., Ste. 1-120

Austin, Texas  78759


Please see the Shipping Requirements for proper international shipments. 


The information in this document is not all-inclusive of the entire process of registering a Host.  Please carefully read the “PD10027 FDI Host Registration Policy.pdf” document included in the registration kit, as well as the policies for the implemented technology which you will locate in the other registration kits.