Existing HART Test Systems (KIT-192) can be upgraded to be compatible with the WirelessHART Test System (KIT-193). In order to obtain the latest WirelessHART Test System, please follow these steps:

  1. Enroll your HART Test System in the Product Service Program (PSP). If you are unsure if your license includes PSP, please open a support ticket with the Service Tag ID located on the exterior of the case, we can provide a quote for enrollment. 
  2. Update your HART Test System, this involves an operating system upgrade for older units.
  3. Purchase the WirelessHART Test System 
  4. Install the WirelessHART Test System software on your HART Test System.  You will need the hardware that is included with the purchase of the WirelessHART Test System to run the tests. You will need Wi-Analys to capture message data for test lab analysis. 

If you have further questions about the WirelessHART development tools or testing, please consult our knowledgebase or send us a support ticket with your detailed question.