Become a Member of FieldComm Group

Members sign an Intellectual Property Rights License agreement which allows for the development, manufacturing, and sale of products containing FieldComm Group technologies. Learn how to join here.

Request Access

Members of FieldComm Group are granted access to the member sites.  If you do not have access to obtain the Technical Specifications and Test Specifications, please send a request for access through a ticket.

Register a Manufacturer ID and Expanded Device Type Code

All Manufacturer ID codes and HART Expanded Device Type codes must be registered with FieldComm Group prior to product development and registration. Manufacturer ID codes and Expanded Device Type Codes are assigned to current FieldComm Group Members.

Obtain Forms

For WirelessHART product registration, download the latest version of the Registration Kit from FieldComm Group. This kit includes forms for HART, WirelessHART Devices, and HART EDD Registrations. Use the additional forms as required for the type of product you are submitting.

Verify WirelessHART Stack Conformance

Developers must verify the WirelessHART Stack (i.e. Radio) targeted for their product design is conformant to the latest WirelessHART Protocol Specifications.  Developers should contact the stack supplier for this information. The stack supplier must also supply physical layer properties (see PD20014 WirelessHART Product Registration Procedure in the Registration Kit):

  • Antenna Transmit Pattern;
  • Measurements showing the wireless interface meets minimum 802.15.4 receive sensitivity (-85dBm or greater);
  • A copy of the FCC, R&TTE or equivalent test report; 
  • A copy of the IEEE 802.15.4 transceiver (i.e., radio) certification

Perform Pre-Testing

Developers may pre-test products before submitting them for registration. FieldComm Group makes the official test systems and tools available for purchase. Order tools online.  

Additional fees are applied to a test campaign if the developer does not submit pre-testing results, see the table in the article Testing and Registration Fees

Also be aware of Burst Testing (more info) where test systems older than v1.9 used HART Server for these test cases. WirelessHART Test System v1.9 (or above) now includes automation for Burst Mode so the HART Server is no longer required for this purpose.

Testing and Registration Fees

The testing and registration fee applies if the product PASSES or FAILS the test campaign. Every submission and re-submission will be invoiced for the appropriate testing and registration fees.   

Schedule A Test Date

To schedule a test date for your product, please submit a new ticket and select "Product Registration"  To complete the request, attach a purchase order for the appropriate fees.  You may request a future date for your product test. FieldComm Group will notify you of the scheduled test date and when to ship your hardware to our facility.  Lead times vary based upon demand for testing. 

Submit A Product Registration Package

Forms are provided in a registration kit, a link will be supplied via the Product Registration Ticket opened by the developer.

The manufacturer submits a complete registration package as a zip file that contains: 

  1. Completed Token-Passing Data-Link Test Summary (FCG FR20156)
  2. Completed FSK Physical Layer Test Data Sheet (FCG FR20156)
  3. Completed Universal Command Test Summary (FCG FR20156)
  4. Completed Common Practice Command Test Summary (FCG FR20156)
  5. Completed TDMA-Mesh Test Summary (HCF_FRM-156.6)
  6. Completed HART Field Device Specification (HCF_LIT-18)
  7. Instructions for setting More Status Available Bit (UAL048B)
  8. Instructions for setting Write Protection (UAL009)
  9. All the log files generated by the test automation including the
    • BA000xxx.OUT (Token-Passing Data-Link) files;
    • and files
    • (Universal Command) files;
    •  (Common Practice Command) files;
    • TMLxxx.log, TMLxxx.txt (WirelessHART device-level) files; and
  10. SLTxxx.log, SLTxxx.txt, SLTxxx.doc (WirelessHART system-level) files.
  11. FCC test results and antenna transmit power plots
  12. Proof of IEEE STD 802.15.4-2006 transceiver compliance
  13. Device Shipping Information (FR10045)
  14. HART Product Exhibit.xls
  15. Product Website Marketing Information (FR10041)
  16. Any special instructions for test case execution. 
  17. Effective September 1, 2017 Device Description must be included; and effective December 31, 2020 an FDI Device Package must be included. Also see FDI Device Package Registration page for more details. 

The complete registration package must be submitted in order to receive a test schedule date.  Product Registration Packages are sent to FieldComm Group via upload to our ShareFile site, a private link will be supplied within the ticket opened for the test campaign.  Files must not be emailed directly to staff.  All information pertaining to the product registration shall be conveyed via the Product Registration Ticket.


Ship Hardware

After your submission has been reviewed, you will be instructed to ship a sample device to our lab.  Please wait for the request from our test team, all testing is scheduled in advance. 

The manufacturer ships one sample of the device (this should be the pre-tested hardware) to the lab facility in Austin, TX 2 - 3 weeks prior to the assigned test campaign start date.  Registration kits contain a Device Shipping Information form which must be included in the submission. Hardware should be shipped as a Temporary Export/Import.

FieldComm Group (Headquarters) address:

9430 Research Blvd.


Suite 1-120

Austin, TX 78759 


Tel: +1-512-792-2300

Testing and Registration

FieldComm Group conducts the testing and provides a test report. If the product complies with all Conformance requirements, registration is granted and a certificate is provided to the manufacturer. The hardware is returned to the developer.  The registered product is added to the FieldComm Group Product Registry.