When using a commercial gateway to test WirelessHART Device's Application Layer, the messages burst by the DUT must be able to pass through the Gateway. Command 533 is the standardized command to enable publishing the burst messages through HART-IP devices (I/O Systems and Field Devices). Unfortunately, many WirelessHART Gateways do not yet support Common Practice Command 533 (which was added to the HART Protocol in 2016).  

So, even though the WirelessHART field device may be publishing burst messages, the packets do not reach the test application (the Gateway does not facilitate their passage).

Please make sure that you have the latest firmware update from your GW vendor. If they do not implement Cmd 533 yet, potentially false failures will be seen in the following tests -


Please run the W version of these tests (e.g., CALW104B) using the hipnmgw and Access Point (AP) released in Kit-193 v1.9. The GW implemented in hipnmgw does not use Command 533.