FieldComm Group understands the need for collaboration and FDI Packages are no exception. When a developer is ready to sign the finalized FDI Package, this may require IT resources on another computer, server, or in an entirely different office than your own. That's why we have made the FDI Package Signing Tool a free utility for members. The developers can continue to use the full FDI-IDE to update their sources, add documentation and UIPs, and then pass the finished package to their in-house IT security team to apply a digital signature. 

Features of this utility include:

  • SHA1 or SHA256 encryption algorithm possible
  • Two-step signature process to allow the software to be signed separately from a timestamp 
  • User Interface or Command Line access

Send us a support ticket to request the FDI Package Signing Tool, select "Product Support" then "FDI Products" then "FDI Signing Tool" in the ticket options.

Below is a high-level overview of where the FDI Package Signing Tool fits into the overall development and registration process.

Step 1: Develop the FDI Package

The developer completes the EDD, optional UIPs, and any user manuals or other documentation to be included as attachments and builds the FDI Device Package (*.fdix).

Step 2: Test at FieldComm Group

The FDI Package is submitted to our test lab, see the FDI Device Package Registration process.

Step 3: Apply Your Digital Certificate

FieldComm Group will apply the Registration Certificate to your final FDI Device Package and pass it back to your developer so that the FDI Package Originator's Digital Signature can be applied. At this point, there are no changes made to the contents of this FDI Device Package, you are only applying the Digital Signature using the FDI Package Signing Tool. 

The person responsible for maintaining your company Digital Certificates might be different from the developer of this field device, therefore, the FDI Package Signing Tool is accessible to any of your staff members who have the code signing responsibility for your products. 

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