By definition, Dynamic Variables are Device Variables, therefore any Dynamic Variables returned in Command 3 must also be returned in Command 9.  From the Command Summary Specification (FCG TS20099):

Note how Device Variables 0 through 4 (on the left) are used as the source for Dynamic Variables PV, SV, TV, QV (on the right).

This requirement appears to be misunderstood by some development teams.  To allow early detection of possible misunderstandings, UAL011A has been improved to assess Device and Dynamic Variable implementations between Command 3 and Command 9.  This assessment reads the unit codes used in Command 3 and confirms those unit codes are present in the list of Device Variables supported by the Field Device.  The list of Device Variables is read using Command 9. The methodology used to make this assessment is shown in the attached "UAL011A.r3.pdf".  The improvements to UAL011A are approved by the HART Technology Working Group and will be released with HART Slave Universal Command Test Specification r4.2 (FCG TT20005). Test specification updates will be made available to members via ShareFile.

This assessment was released with HART Test System v3.6.


1. Command 3 is truncated after the last Dynamic Variable supported by the device. Consequently, Command 3 should not return more Dynamic Variables than there are Device Variables.  If Command 3 has duplicates (the same Device Variable in more than one slot) then UAL011A may return a false failure.  This is rare and you should file a ticket for further assistance.