a) For all Dynamic Variables supported (see  Universal Command Specification, HCF_SPEC-127, FCG TS20127),

REDEFINE the member DEVICE_VARIABLE  for all COLLECTION OF VARIABLE primary_variablesecondary_variabletertiary_variablequaternary_variable

b)  Substitute any Device Variable codes 0, 1, 2, 3 (which is not fixed) with the Command 50 VARIABLE primary_variable_code, secondary_variable_code, tertiary_variable_code and quaternary_variable_code in their appropriate corresponding collections.

Example:  All Dynamic Variables are Mappable

b) Also, in IMPORT STANDARD _PV,  update COLLECTION OF VARIABLE scaling using the same technique above


IMPORT Command 50 and 51 along with all referenced VARIABLEs.  

Note:  This IMPORT is exactly the same regardless of which Dynamic Variable is mappable.

NOTE:  It is not necessary REDEFINE COMMAND read_device_variable_assignments and   write_device_variable_assignments.  If any of the VARIABLEs in these commands return the value of 250, do not reference them on the user interface (i.e, MENU)

Example:  Only Dynamic Variables PV and SV  are Mappable

Note:  TV and QV return values 250 in Command 50

For Devices that support Fixed Mapping, see How to modify HART EDD when PV,SV,TV,QV are not mapped to DV 0,1,2,3?