FieldComm Group manages the distribution of software updates for FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and FDI development tools. Previously, the sites "" and "" contained member access pages where technical documents were stored. The updates have moved to a centralized site shared by all of FCG's technologies. The following article describes the steps to obtain access to the updates offered for certain tools and license holders.

Members who have enrolled their development tools in the Product Service Program receive access to software updates mostly via ShareFile.  The current License holder is the sole contact with this elevated privilege. If you are using a tool and do not know who the License is assigned to, please contact us by submitting a support ticket.

Go to  to create a Support Ticket. Complete the question fields with Product Support; FF/FDI/HART Products and then select the tool name. Please include any identifying information with your request (i.e. serial numbers, license number, license holder's name, if known).

If you are transferring a license, please have the previous Licensee or a manager confirm the transfer within your office.

New License holders will receive an activation email to access the ShareFile site managing access to the software updates. 

Once you have activated the account, log on to

Go to your "Shared Folders" to download updates.