FDI Device Packages are required for product registrations submitted after January 1, 2022 (view the announcement here). Please review the Acceptance Criteria in the FDI Device Package article for more details [link].

FieldComm Group Product Registration Policy PD10026 governs the overall process. Each Technology includes additional requirements for registration, these details are found in the respective Registration Policy documents.

Registration Kits are supplied as file downloads when a new ticket is opened requesting a Product Registration.  The Registration Kits include the product specific registration policy document.

Click to download the registration kit documents below:

FDI Host Registration Policy PD10027

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Device Registration Process (PD30524) see Product Registration Policy PD10026

Linking Device Registration Process (See PD30524) see Product Registration Policy PD10026

HART EDD Registration Procedure (PD20018) coming soon!

DD/CF Registration Process (See PD30524) see Product Registration Policy PD10026

FDI Device Package Registration Policy PD10028

What Products Must Be Tested and Registered with FieldComm Group?


All products claiming HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus Compliance:, such as: 

  • Field Devices 
  • Interfaces 
  • HART Modems 
  • Host Applications
  • Handhelds
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus Power Supplies, Cables, Couplers
  • Device Support Files (DD/CFF, EDD, FDI Device Packages)


Registration Program

All HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus enabled products need to be registered 

  • More rigorous process 
  • FieldComm Group auditing of test results 
  • FieldComm Group Conformance Testing Services available 
  • Visible registration – Certificate, Registration Mark, Registered Product Catalog listing

Test Specifications 

Technology specific Test Specifications are available for members to download.

Test Tools 

Technology specific Test Tools are available for purchase.  FieldComm Group highly recommends maintaining your products via the Product Service Program. Manufacturers must perform the tests using the latest release version of the tools and certify the results. A manufacturer may elect to contract with the FieldComm Group to perform the verification tests for additional fees.

Test Campaigns
To begin a test campaign for your product, open a new ticket and select "Product Registration" then specify the technology of the product. A short description is included with the ticket, please use this space to describe the product model and revision. Our support portal will send a summary of the steps for the test campaign. 

Depending on the type of product, there may be multiple tests performed as part of a campaign. Please refer to the Product Registration Policies and Procedures within the registration kits linked above. 

A method of payment is required to reserve a test date at any FieldComm Group facility.  All testing is scheduled in advance.

Also see: What are the requirements to register an H1 device?  What are the requirements to register a HART device?


Registration is the result of a successful test campaign. Test campaigns vary in duration depending upon the technology implemented. All test campaigns are scheduled in advance by opening a ticket to request a Product Registration.  

Once a test campaign is scheduled, the estimated completion date is provided via the ticket.  If there are issues with the submission or the product this will affect the completion time and may result in the current test campaign being closed and a new campaign being opened (see FCG.PD100026 above).  

Here are some examples of average test campaign time frames:

  • H1 Field Device: 2 weeks
  • HART Field Device:  6 weeks
  • WirelessHART Field Device:  8 weeks
  • Device Support Files: 4 weeks