Current Released Version

Release 1.9 - Aug 2020Pre-Requisites
  • HART Test System v3.6

The following changes are included in this release:

Wireless Application Layer Test Execution (v1.9)
  • Tests to be executed via the Access Point with a new HART-IP Server application called hipnmgw. These tests will no longer require an external gateway for execution.
  • These tests, when run individually, are to be invoked with a 'W' appended to the test type (e.g., UALW000 will execute UAL000 wirelesslessly, and CALW033 will execute CAL033 wirelessly). Similarly, runcalw and runualw will run the respective tests in a batch file.
  • CAL071B updated to run with the HART-IP Server.
  • Batch script runcalwburst added to execute burst mode Application Layer Tests (CALW103-CALW109) on WirelessHART devices. This script executes a subset of the tests executed by runcalw.

TDMA-Mesh Layer Scripts (v1.9)
  • No functional changes.
  • Improved control of some test configurations.
  • Improved messaging on terminal.

  • No major changes.
  • Improved messaging on terminal.

Hartmenu (1.9)
  • Replaced 'U' test invocation (via UDP) with 'W' invocations (wireless) to execute Application Layer tests wirelessly (e.g., UALWxxx instead of UALUxxx).
  • Updated implemented test lists.

WirelessHART Access Point (for new Kit-193 orders only)

  • Updated hardware (Revision 2.0)
  • WirelessHART Access Point Revision 2.0 is interchangeable with WirelessHART Access Point Revision 1.1. 

Known Issues

  • Access Point hangs randomly, DR(dead) message requires a power cycle to the unit.
  • Some Secondary Master test cases fail, this is an open known issue to be addressed in a future release.
  • Logged message " cannot find device with tag "HCF-DUT" " is an open known issue to be addressed in a future release.

Previous Released Versions

Release 1.8 - August 2017Pre-Requisites
  • HART Test System v3.5

The following changes are included in this release:

TDMA-Mesh Layer Scripts
  • Modified tests to be compatible with misc. updated WirelessHART Specifications.
  • Improved coverage of command response codes.
  • Improved control conditions in tests.

#4076 - TML205F script expects RC 2 for invalid nickname for Cmd 962 
#4355 - TML101, TML102 Error in Wireless Operation Mode
#4682 - Set Health Timer Value in TML208D
#4683 - RC check for Cmd 104 in Burst Setup needs modification (accept RC 8)
#5017 - TML201A, TML202C, TML203A etc. need modification for list cmds (SF, link, session, etc.) 
#5019 - TML204A expects wrong RC
#5020 - TML216 Timer Min/Max Values
#5026 - TML213 Modification needed for independence from nonce history initialization
#5446 - Execution Time 0 (ASN = 0) in commands
#5481 - TML tests that use ASN 0 for valid exec time need to be changed
#5758 - TML203F lacks links to respond to cmds
#5759 - TML208E - Incorrect parameters to Cmd 974
#5760 - TML205A tries to write a route using non-existent graph
#5765 - TML102 Join Status Negotiating
#5769 - Replace Cmds 11 and 21 in TML tests

  • Modified functions to be compatible with updated WirelessHART Specifications.

#5482 - Superframe Class Modification
#5757 - Join Process Tracking

Release 1.7 - August 2014
Release 1.6 - September 2012
Release 1.5 - July 2011
Release 1.4 - August 2010
Release 1.3 - October 2009
Release 1.2 - July 2009
Release 1.1 - May 2009
Release 1.0 - April 2009