All HART Manufacturer ID and Device Type codes are assigned by FieldComm Group.

NOTE – Manufacturer IDs and Device Type Codes require active IP licenses with FieldComm Group. This is typically obtained through Membership (most cost effective method), but may be purchased outright for 90% of the cost of membership dues. You can learn more by visiting

Here are the steps to obtain a device type code (also called Expanded Device Type):

  • Obtain a manufacturer ID or request at the same time as the device type code(s).
  • Create a device model string name (Note: 18 characters or less is recommended for HART)
  • Please open a support ticket and specify the following:

    • I need assistance with:  Membership Support
    • Details: Manufacturer ID/Device Type Request
    • Additional Details: select the applicable technology/protocol 
    • Subject: New Device Type Code
    • Description: State the name to register for a new device type code. Include your manufacturer ID code, if known. Multiple codes can be requested at once. Please include the product "More Information" as plain text. Please attach a product photo as a square image with a white background. Please include the Sales Contact Email and/or Website. An example is below.

Please assign a HART Device Type Code for the following product:

Model Name: ABC123 Transmitter 

Product Type: Temperature Transmitter

More Information: The ABC123 Transmitter supplies accurate temperature readings in the widest range available on the market today. It features a User Interface Plug-in for instrumentation technicians to install, calibrate and troubleshoot the transmitter quickly and efficiently. NAMUR NE107 conformant device health information is integrated into the LED display module and the accompanying FDI Device Package for ease of troubleshooting and maintenance. 

Sales Email:

Sales Website: 


  • Receive a confirmation message from FieldComm Group.
  • Use the string and ID number exactly as specified in the Device Support Files and registration submission documentation.

How to update the model name of a registered HART product:

Manufacturers may update the name of their device at any time before or after completing the registration. If a manufacturer desires to update the product name after completing the registration process, FieldComm Group will:

  • Issue an updated Registration Certificate
  • Issue an updated Conformance Report
  • Update the Product in the Product Catalog
  • Update the Product Name in the Common Tables Specification 

A Product Name Update Fee ($480) applies per Registered Product name change.

If you would like to update a Product Name, please open a support ticket and specify the following:

  • I need assistance with:  Membership Support
  • DetailsManufacturer ID/Device Type Request
  • Additional Details: select the applicable technology/protocol 
  • Subject: Update Model Name
  • Description: Include the previous name and the new name and the device type code.

We recommend that the Device Description files be updated and submitted with the new model name. Please see the EDD Registration articles for more information about EDD Registration. The Product Name Update Fee does not include EDD test or registration costs, these are separate fees.

Character Limit for Product Names:

The Long Tag is limited to 32 ISO Latin 1 characters for HART products. 

The ModelName is limited to 32 ISO Latin 1 characters for FOUNDATION Fieldbus products.

It is recommended to use 18 characters or less for best visibility on displays. 

Character Encoding Set:

ISO Latin-1 /IEC 8859-1 characters are acceptable. The codes within 128-159 are not allowed (i.e. Windows-1252 uses this range however this is reserved by ISO for legacy control characters).

The following characters may be excluded and removed from the registered device model name to maximize interoperability:

Copyright ©, trade mark ™, registered ®, and Em dashes – —. 

Upon publishing the device in our Product Registry, the “More Information” field allows for these additional characters if you need to display them.

More information on Wikipedia: 

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