FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART Manufacturer ID codes are registered by FieldComm Group prior to product development.

NOTE – Manufacturer IDs and Device Type Codes require active IP licenses with FieldComm Group. This is typically obtained through Membership (most cost effective method), but may be purchased outright for 90% of the cost of membership dues. You can learn more by visiting

Please keep the following in mind when submitting your request:

  • Manufacturer's Name is restricted to 24 characters of ISO Latin-1.
  • Manufacturer's ID for FF is restricted to the following ranges:  
    • 257 through 24575 (hexadecimal 0x000101-0x005FFF)
    • 65536 through 8388607 (hexadecimal 0x010000-0x7FFFFF)
  • New HART manufacturer IDs are in the range of 24576 through 28671 (hexadecimal 0x6000 - 0x6FFF) and must be assigned by FieldComm Group

Here are the steps to obtain or update a Manufacturer ID:

  • Create a string name (24 characters maximum). 
  • Please open a support ticket and specify the following:

    • I need assistance with:  Membership Support
    • Details: Manufacturer ID/Device Type Request
    • Additional Details: select the applicable technology/protocol 
    • Subject:  Manufacturer ID
    • DescriptionInclude the string name you wish to use to represent your products.
  • Receive a confirmation message from FieldComm Group.
  • Use the string and ID number exactly as specified in the Device Support Files and registration submission documentation.

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