FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART Manufacturer ID codes are registered by FieldComm Group prior to product development.

NOTE – Manufacturer IDs and Device Type Codes require active IP licenses with FieldComm Group. This is typically obtained through Membership (most cost effective method), but may be purchased outright for 90% of the cost of membership dues. You can learn more by visiting

Please keep the following in mind when submitting your request:

  • Manufacturer's Name is restricted to 24 characters of ISO Latin-1, including spaces and punctuation. 
  • The manufacturer's ID for FOUNDATION Fieldbus is restricted to the following: 
    • Must not be an existing FF Manufacturer ID (click here for the current list)
    • Unassigned value between 257 through 24575 (hexadecimal 0x000101-0x005FFF) or 65536 through 8388607 (hexadecimal 0x010000-0x7FFFFF)
    • FOUNDATION Fieldbus product model codes, otherwise known as the Device Type Code, is not something you have to reserve. You can use any value from 0x0001 through 0xFFFF for your Device Type code to uniquely identify a specific product model within your Manufacturer ID range of products.
  • New HART manufacturer IDs are in the range of 24576 through 28671 (hexadecimal 0x6000 - 0x6FFF) and must be assigned by FieldComm Group
    • All HART product model codes, otherwise known as the Device Type Code must be assigned by FieldComm Group.

Here are the steps to obtain or update a Manufacturer ID:

  1. Create a string name (24 characters maximum). 
  2. Please open a support ticket and specify the following:

    • I need assistance with:  Membership Support
    • Details: Manufacturer ID/Device Type Request
    • Additional Details: select the applicable technology/protocol 
    • Subject:  Manufacturer ID
    • DescriptionInclude the string name you wish to use to represent your products.  In the message body, specify the ID Number you wish to have reserved for your company.  Please provide the new name and number as follows:

      - Requested Manufacturer Name

      - 0xMMMMMM  (hexadecimal representation of ID number)

      - MMMMMMM  (decimal representation of ID number)

  3. Receive a confirmation message from FieldComm Group.
  4. Use the string and ID number exactly as specified in the Device Support Files and registration submission documentation.

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