Hardware Setup

Connect a registered RS-232 HART modem between the Serial Port marked “RS232-0” on the HART Test Appliance and the Maintenance Port of the WirelessHART device to be tested. (Refer to B in Figure 1 for the location of “RS232-0”).

Connect one Access Point to the HART Test Appliance via the USB cable supplied. (Refer to Figure 1, C and E). The USB cable could also be plugged into the front of the Test Appliance as an alternative.

Attach an antenna (supplied) to this Access Point. (Refer to Figure 1, F).

Figure 1. System Connections

Running Test Applications

To run a wireless (TML) test, open a linux terminal (Refer to Figure 2, K) on the Test Appliance, type “hartmenu” (without the quotes, refer to Figure 2, L) on the terminal and choose the appropriate menu options to run the desired TML test.

Figure 2. Accessing WirelessHART Test System Applications