This support article will provide information about common problems and questions reported by users of the FDI Package IDE.  There are three main topics: IDE, RRTE, and CTT. Each topic will contain specific troubleshooting tips and Q&A.


FDI Package IDE

This topic includes the development environment, tokenizers, and DeviceInfo.

Pre-Requisite Installations

There are specific versions of Java SE and eclipse which were used to develop the IDE, the user guide contains the version information for these tools. If users install other versions of Java and/or eclipse, there may be issues because they have not been fully regression tested with the latest release of the IDE.

Build Output shows BUILD FAILED but an encoded file was produced, what failed?

The build output lines of interest are:

[exec] Completed with:    0 Errors, 0  Warnings, 0 Informational


C:\....\Tokenize.DD.fm8.xml:23:   exec returned: 1

The Tokenizer XML file is created when you setup an FDI project in the IDE, this error message is pointing to line 23 of this XML file. If you open this XML, you will see line 23 pertains to the DeviceInfoGenerator:

To see why the DeviceInfoGenerator failed, you must open the built *.json file in the DeviceInfoBrowser tool (C:\Program Files (x86)\FDI\HART DeviceInfoBrowser). The DeviceInfoBrowser shows more information about what failed.

FDI Perspective Windows are Missing

If you close a window in the IDE you can reset the perspective. 

FDI "Outline" of the Source is Blank

After tokenizing the source successfully, the Outline window appears blank. 

The file associations may be incorrect, Eclipse has defaulted to using the wrong editor for .DDL files.  You can change this setting in the Eclipse "Preferences" menu.   

Open the General > Editors > File Associations menu.  Select the *.ddl File Type in the top window. In the bottom window, select the "EDDL Editor" and click the "Default" button to make this editor be your default for .DDL files.

Click OK to save this setting.

ISA100 "Legacy Tokenizer"

Problem: Using the FDI-IDE with an "ISA100" license and not able to re-produce the *.ff5/*.sy5 device descriptions because the FDI Project settings GUI does not show the options for "Legacy Tokenizer".

The solution is to change the Interface Type to "H1" and then run the Tokenizer.DD.ff5.xml as your Ant Script.

First, open the Device Type tab within the FDI Project settings. Click on "Add interface..." and select Foundation Fieldbus: H1.

Expand the "Legacy Tokenizer" section within the Device Type tab. Enable the "FF Tokenizer ff5" option.

Complete the remaining settings for the project and Save the changes. The Communication Profile should now be [foundation_h1] (A). 

Next, right-click on the Tokenize.DD.ff5.xml file (B) and select Run As.../2 Ant Build...

Here is the menu:

Reference Run-Time Environment

This topic includes the RRTE, DMS, communication clients, Communication Logger, Device Simulator, Package Repository.

Importing Packages

Loading Packages

The RRTE will only load a single instance of an FDI Device Package. If the package was previously loaded and was not fully closed, the RRTE may show an error.

Communication Servers

The FDI-IDE and RRTE do not include all possible Communication Servers for the various FDI communication protocols. Please see the User Guide provided in the Documentation support article.

If you see an error like the ones below, you may need to install and/or acquire a license for the Communication Server.

Error Message: ifakPN driver has no valid license!