The Version appears in the file name, as per Field Device Integration (FDI) – Part 4: FDI Packages Annex A.

The FDI IDE project settings need to be used to set the "Version" of the FDI Package. The following image illustrates how the settings correspond to the name of the package.

Since the FDI Package contains device support file(s) which inherit the Device Revision and DD Revision from the source code as thier file name, the same method can be applied to the FDI Package.

Set Version = <Device Revision/major>.<DD Revision/minor>.<FDI Package Revision/revision>

Note: the values of <major>.<minor>.<revision> are limited to 00-99. Use the decimal equivalent to any hexadecimal values used for the Device Revision or DD Revision.

Using this numbering convention will keep FDI Packages uniquely named for the life of the product it represents.