COMTEST (32-bit) (HCF_TOOL-025, FCG TP20025) version 1.0 and 2.1 runs in MS DOS and must be launched from within DOS. 

COMTEST operates properly on DOS or the DOS mode of Windows 95/98.  COMTEST does not provide correct timing information in NT/2000.

COMTEST requires 32-bit Windows.

The HART Test System (KIT-192, FCG TK20192) v3.2+ includes COMTEST locally installed on the system, this is the preferred method.

COMTEST requires three user inputs to run:

  • A Command number (Command 3 or Command 9 are typically used.)
  • The number of messages (The number of repeated messages must be from 1 to 9999 messages.)
  • The number of retries (The number of retries must be between 1 – 5.  Selecting zero retries will cause the test to abort.)

COMTEST is available to download for anyone who purchases the HART FSK Physical Layer Test Kit via ShareFile, tool owners may request access using a support ticket.