You can make your own replacement for the COMTEST USB stick that is delivered as part of the HART FSK Physical Layer Test Kit.  COMTEST is also a native application on HART Test Systems (KIT-192 release 3.2 or later).

What you will need


There is an image of COMTEST on ShareFile. Licensed Tool Users have ShareFile access (license holders can request it via

Download the “” (Virtual Hard Drive) image zip archive.  

The instructions below will use this pre-made image to create the bootable USB drive.

Copy Virtual Hard Drive on a USB Stick

  • Insert USB stick in the PC (there should only be one USB in use). 
  • Run RUFUS using the “Run as Administrator” option. 

  • Select the Device as your USB drive.

  • Click on SELECT and browse to the COMTEST.vhd file

  • Click START. A warning will appear, click OK.

  • When this step is complete, close the RUFUS application. 

Safely Eject the USB drive. The USB drive is ready to run COMTEST in a Boot to USB mode on a Windows PC.

For more information on using this application please see: Run COMTEST