FieldComm Group is pleased to announce an important policy change regarding the Product Registration process for HART devices submitted to the FieldComm Group. This update aims to streamline the testing procedure, significantly reducing the overall test time for your devices.

New Policy Highlights: Reduced Inspection Testing for DLL39a

Starting today, vendors can take advantage of a new policy that allows for reduced testing time for the DLL39a test, which previously would take over two weeks to complete. Here’s how the new policy works:

  • Vendor-Run Pre-Tests: To qualify for the reduced testing, vendors must run the device through their own labs and submit complete, unmodified results. An important requirement is that the testing must be done on the same sample submitted to the test lab
  • Reduced Testing Request: As part of the submission process, vendors can indicate if they qualify for this new policy and request to opt in for the reduced testing.
  • Test Submission Log Audit: The test lab will audit the vendor provided test logs to verify compliance with the policy.
  • Conditional Full Testing: Test case DLL39A is the last test case run on the device.    If during the test campaign, the device exhibits unexpected behavior that may indicate possible concerns, then the device will be subjected to the full test run.  Examples include inconsistent test case passing, observed communication errors and other anomalous behavior. A device that requires a firmware update will be subject to the entire test.
  • Reduce Testing: For those devices that qualify, DLL39A will run for a limited 24-hour test to verify compliance.

Benefits of the New Policy

  • Significant Time Savings: Reduced testing time means faster product registration and quicker market access.
  • Streamlined Process: Simplified procedures without compromising the integrity and thoroughness of the evaluation.
  • Efficiency: By conducting preliminary tests in your own labs, you can identify and address potential issues earlier in the process.

The policy is now available starting with the HART Registration Procedure (PD20012) v2.5.    This document as well as other registration related documents can be found in the current HART Registration Kit.