AMA for Ethernet-APL

Ethernet has been part of our industry for decades, now we are bringing Ethernet to the field with Ethernet-APL. This is the only 2-wire intrinsically safe Ethernet option. Data, power and intrinsic safety just like HART 4-20mA, but with the speed and bandwidth of Ethernet. Ramp up your support with HART-IP on Ethernet-APL. 

  • Ethernet-APL can be used for many applications, but is it right for you? 
  • Are you just getting started and want to learn more? 
  • What is the difference between Ethernet-APL and SPE? 
  • Is Ethernet-APL expensive to implement? 
  • Why implement Ethernet-APL? 
  • Can you build Ethernet-APL on your own? 

FieldComm Group offers the opportunity to Ask Me Anything (AMA) related to Ethernet-APL. A team of experts will review the questions and create a response to the questions you have regarding Ethernet-APL. Send in your questions through our Support Portal and look for a follow-up with our responses.

Transition your HART networks into HART-IP over Ethernet-APL for increased speed and bandwidth!

Find our more about Ethernet-APL on our website: 


Radio call in shows started in 1945 at WMCA. Reddit started the Ask Me Anything (AMA) in May 2009. Since then many other sites have adopted similar formats.