School for Tools – Developing FDI Device Packages 

開発ツールの学習方法- FDIデバイスパッケージの開発

Switching tool chains for development can be a real pain. But guess what? FieldComm Group has got your back! We've made it super easy to transition to the FDI IDE with our awesome online course: "Developing FDI Device Packages". All you need to do is enroll in this course if you've previously used the old IDE tools for building FF or HART device descriptions and now you've got your hands on the FDI IDE.

You must know that FDI is absolutely mandatory for all new and updated FF and HART devices. Don't you worry though! Our amazing team is right here to walk you through the whole process of creating, testing, and registering FDI Device Packages. Let's do this together!

The course is available in English right now and will be available in Chinese and Japanese languages later this year.

 Click below to hear more about the course from Paul Sereiko of FieldComm Group.

Course Description 
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