Release - Jan 2024

This release reflects the following Specifications:

FCG TS62769 Revision 1.3

This release includes the following enhancements:

The following changes are included in this release: 

  • WRITE_AS_ONE bug correction 

This release contains the following versions of components. Not all licenses will include all of these components:

EDD Engine11.0.2.106
UI Engine1.6.0.3822
IDE Plugin1.8.8
IDE Debugger Plugin1.2.4.202105071955
HART Tok1010.47.0.704
HART Tok88.2.23.805
FF FDI Tokenizer6.1.1.533
FF legacy Tokenizer5.2.2.130
PROFIBUS Tokenizer4.4.26
HART Standard DDs2023.2
Device Package Conformance Test Tool1.6.0.4177
HART-IP CommServer1.2.0.0
DeviceInfo Generator2.3.0
DeviceInfo Browser1.1.1.0
PA-DIM Server1.1.0.23167
Package Signing Tool2.0.2.0
HART Sample package4.1.0
FF Sample package1.6.0
PROFIBUS Sample package2.1.0
PROFIBUS/PROFINET Simulator1.0.0.4025
HTML5 UIP Sample2.0.0

The following CRs were resolved in this release:

Device Model Services

CR/Bug NumberSummary


Revert WRITE_AS_ONE changes from 1.6.0 release. Bug caused menu items to be hidden in RRTE if WRITE_AS_ONE attribute was assigned to the item.  The behavior was changed to the 15.1.1 behavior.   

Known Issues

Known issues at the time of release are included below. If additional notable issues are found with this version of the product, they will be added to this log for reference with the date they were reported.

CR/Bug NumberComponentSummaryReported Date
4281DMSExcessive reads from a device will cause poor performance in hosts - all protocols. Goal is to improve performance of DMS for highly parameterized devices.09/22/23

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