Preliminary HART FSK Physical Layer Test Specification 3.0
Member Comments Requested
Deadline: January 22, 2024
FieldComm Group has posted the HART FSK Physical Layer Test Specification 3.0 for member review and comment. Members are encouraged to submit comments by January 22, 2024.
New test tools and test methods have been incorporated to simplify test procedures and improve consistency of results. In addition, the test set ups and test procedures have been updated to reflect the requirements of HART FSK Physical Layer Specification 9.1 (HCF_SPEC-54, FCG TS20054) released in 2016.

As a whole, these improvements will help align the test result captured by member developers and FCG test labs, thus streamlining device registration.
This version of the specification clarifies the specification coverage and applicability, such as:
  • Added recommendation for DC power supply to have impedance < 1% of test load over extended frequency band
  • Updated Definitions section from FSK Physical Layer Test Specification
  • Updated 10.2 Oscilloscope requirements, allowing filtering with 20MHz bandwidth (requires deep memory)
  • Updated frequency counter requirements: now frequency counter (10.3) is only necessary if frequency of the signal generator must be verified
  • Updated Test Setups in sections 12 and 13 - standard set-up applies signals across the test load
  • Updated 13.1 Waveshape Test:
    • Corrected waveshape requirements figure
    • Included amplitude variation in requirements and test procedure
    • Updated to use a specific test pattern for capturing the waveshape 
    • Added foot note to how test pattern can be generated if standard responses do not yield the test pattern
    • Updated the use of an oscilloscope for frequency measurement instead of counter
    • Updated sample waveforms that reflect new procedure 
  • Replaced 13.3 Carrier Start/Stop Transients with errata to 13.3 Carrier Transients
  • Updated figure in 13.4.6: removed reference that no filter may be used
  • Updated 13.6 Limits for receive impedance
  • Removed test data sheet in appendix
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