HART EDD Preliminary Test Specification 2.0
Member Comments Requested
Deadline: January 15, 2024
Members are encouraged to submit comments relating to the Preliminary HART EDD Specification 2.0 for consideration by the HART Technology Working Group and HART Standard EDD Project Group. Please review and submit comments by January 15, 2024.
As part of product registration, all DDs for HART devices are subject to a DD test, based on test requirements from TT20019 HART EDD Test Specification. This version of the specification has been updated to make use of the new HART Standard DD Library, which can greatly simplify the EDD development by including more common code for import by EDD developers. This test specification also serves as the basis for future EDD test automation. 
The following document is part of this member comment period: TT20019 – HART EDD Test Specification 2.0 Preliminary C.  

This document makes reference to AG10101 – Using the HART Standard DD which is also included as reference to this member comment period. 
  1. Review the proposed technical specification from: https://workspace.fieldcommgroup.org/blogs/stephen-mitschke/2023/12/06/member-comment-008-hart-edd-test-specification

    You will need to create an account on FieldComm Group Workspace if you don't have one, to access the specifications.
  2. Submit comments:
    All members can submit comments for the proposed technical specifications: https://workspace.fieldcommgroup.org/blogs/stephen-mitschke/2023/12/06/member-comment-008-hart-edd-test-specification

    Once you are on the specifications page, please click on the arrow next to the DOWNLOAD button and choose ADD A COMMENT.
  3. Submit your comments by January 15, 2024. 
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