FDI Technical Specifications 1.4 and EDDL Technical Specifications Ballot
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Notice and Call for Disclosure of Conflicting IPR  • Deadline: November 27, 2023
FieldComm Group distributed the following ballot to all voting members earlier today. 
Field Device integration (FDI) technology has been developed and supported by the automation industry’s leading technology foundations and suppliers. FDI is Device Integration and Device Management Technology, combining base concepts and technology aspects of the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) according to IEC 61804 and Field Device Tool (FDT®) according to IEC 62453, as well as in IEC 62541-1 (OPC UA). An FDI Enabled solution requires two components: a host system that supports FDI, and instrumentation that includes support for FDI Packages. Both components use the FDI specifications included in this ballot.

The FDI Package is a collection including:
  • An Electronic Device Description (EDD) based on IEC 61804
  • An optional user interface plug-in (UIP)
  • Instrument documentation files and communication technology specific files
The EDD is created following the Unified EDD Language Specifications which are also included in this ballot. Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) technology enables the integration of real product
details using the tools of the engineering life cycle.

The Ballot includes EDDL and FDI Specifications. The details are given in the Ballot Details below.

FDI is a jointly owned Technical Specification. Each owner executes independent audit and approval processes, and all comments are resolved prior to the new edition.
FDI Technical Specification 1.4.
FDI 1.4 is inclusive of the following documents:
FCG-TS62769-2FDI Client1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-3FDI Server1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-4FDI Package1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-5Information Model1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-6Technology Mapping1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-6-100Technology Mapping for .NET1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-6-200Technology Mapping for HTML51.4.0
FCG-TS62769-7Communication Devices1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-8EDDL to OPC UA Mapping1.1.0
FCG-TS62769-100Profiles – Generic Protocols1.3.0
FCG-TS62769-101-1Profiles – Foundation Fieldbus H11.4.0
FCG-TS62769-101-2Profiles – Foundation Fieldbus HSE1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-102-2Profiles – PSD for EtherNet/IP1.0.0
FCG-TS62769-103-1Profiles – PROFIBUS1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-103-4Profiles – PROFINET1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-109-1Profiles - HART® and WirelessHART®1.4.0
FCG-TS62769-115-2Profiles – PSD for Modbus RTU1.3.0
FCG-TS62769-115-3Profiles – PSD for Modbus TCP1.0.0
FCG-TS62769-150-1Profiles – ISA100 WIRELESS1.3.0
FCG-TS62769-151-1Profiles – PSD for OPC UA1.0.0
FDI 1.4 contains the following changes since 1.3:
  • Enhanced UIP services
    The .NET technology for UIPs was introduced with FDI 1.0. With FDI 1.4, it enters the mature state. All new UIP development is targeted to HTML5 technology (introduced in FDI 1.2).  UIPs can now make EDDL method calls to enable additional diagnostic and configuration capability from UIPs. UIPs can now use data storage (blob concept) to enable local storage of information for future reference (for example storing valve signatures for future reference).
  • Enhanced compatibility rules
    Lifecycle handling, facets, FeatureFlags and compatibility. FDI 1.4 introduces a General version compatibility concept. An FDI Package can indicate the minimum technology version of FDI needed to support the full features of the FDI Package. A mandatory Schema file is required in all FDI Packages to inform FDI Hosts.
  • Basic PA-DIM mapping
    PA-DIM mapping for Ethernet/IP, HART, PROFIBUS, PROFINET are now normative. The protocol annexes are updated with required PA-DIM mapping of protocol data to PA-DIM parameters. FDI establishes the framework for future PA-DIM support for all products.
  • Synchronization with EDDL Specification
    Synchronization with EDDL Specification regarding environment variable for lifecycle and bug fixes.
Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL)
FCG- TS61804-3EDDL Syntax and Semantics4.2.0
FCG- TS61804-4EDDL Interpretation2.2.0
FCG- TS61804-5EDDL Builtin Library2.2.0
New Features
  • Support for HANDLING on a METHOD.
  • Additional CLASSIFICATION types based on common types supported in the process industry.
  • Support for REDEFINE for SEMANTIC_MAPs.
  • Support for including the pipe “|” character in strings using the escape character.
  • Description of the offline data set.
  • Predefined identifier for FDI Technology Version to support versioning of FDI features.
HART Profile updates
  • MENU style DIALOG or WINDOW on a TABLE
  • builtin NaN_value()
In addition, per our standard practice, editorial improvements, clarifications and corrections were made as part of the general review of the specifications. 
In addition, this announcement also serves as the Official Notice and Call for Disclosure of “any Private Intellectual Property Rights, existing under the law of any nation, owned by either a member or non-member that would conflict, legally bar or adversely affect application or implementation of the proposed Specification in any commercial products.”

To report the existence of any IPR that may conflict with the proposed specification, please go to our Support Portal and submit a ticket (choose "IPR Notification" from the drop down menu) within a 90-day period.
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