After installing a new version of the FDI Package IDE, you retokenize or rebuild a previous FDI project in the FDI IDE and receive an error similar to the following:

"Error: Unable to access jarfile C:/Program Files (x86)/eclipse/plugins/com.fdi.devicepackage.ide_1.x.x.xxxxx"


When a previous build of the FDI Package IDE is uninstalled, the FDI Plugin is removed from the Eclipse folder.  When the new build or release of the FDI Package IDE is installed, the plugin will be replaced with the current FDI Plugin, and this may be newer than the one that was used previously on your existing FDI Package project.

If the workspace files in your existing project point to the path of the PREVIOUS FDI Plugin, you will receive this error.

There are two ways to fix the problem.

1.  Close the open project in the FDI Package IDE.  Then right-click on the FDI project and select "delete" from the drop-down menu.  The FDI IDE will then ask "Are you sure you want to remove project "your_project_name" from the workspace?"  Immediately below this query will be a box that is labeled "Delete project contents on disk (cannot be undone).  Click this box and then select "OK" to delete the previous project workspace files.  THIS DOES NOT DELETE your actual source code files, only the pointers and XML information in your workspace.

Once the project files have been deleted, you can choose "File, New, Existing project" and browse to the original FDI Project file where your package source code is located.  This will recreate all workspace files and ant scripts and should update all references to the FDI Package Plugin.

2.  Sometimes it may only be necessary to delete the ant scripts and recreate them.  In the FDI Package IDE, delete each XML file that begins with "Tokenize" inside the list of your FDI Package project files and select "delete" from the drop-down menu until you have deleted all of the ant script files.

Now click on the name of the project that no longer has ant scripts and then click on the ant icon in the FDI IDE toolbar.  This will rebuild the ant scripts and point to the newer FDI Package Plugin installed with your new FDI IDE build.  

You can now move the ant script to the lower-right corner of the FDI IDE and build your project normally.