Version 3.8 Beta 1 - March 2023

This release reflects the following Test Specifications:

FCG TT20001 Revision 5.1 prelim A

FCG TT20003 Revision 5.2 prelim B

FCG TT20004 Revision 7.1 prelim A 

FCG TT20005 Revision 1.0 prelim K

FCG TT20006 Revision 1.0 prelim K

FCG TT20008 Revision 1.0 

Also refer to FCG PD10316 for HART-IP Registration and Test Procedures

Preliminary documents are available in Workspace

New Test Cases for Version 3.8:

Data Link Layer Tests:


Universal Command Tests:






Known Issues

Known issues at the time of release are included below. If additional notable issues are found with this version of the product, they will be added to this log for reference with the date they were reported.

CR/Bug NumberComponentSummaryReported Date

The following CRs were resolved in this release:

Data Link Layer Tests

CR/Bug NumberSummary
DLLU039A took 47 hours and had 5 errors. In v3.5 the same device took 15 ½ hours with zero errors. 
DLL010 and DLL011 end with unexpected termination
DLL035: FP 280 does not check for byte count != 3
HTest Token Passing Master stack causing bus collisions
Update IdentifyDevice

Universal Command Tests

CR/Bug NumberSummary
502AppLayer: Log names for wireless test execution to be changed to ualwxxx and calwxxx
UAL008 needs updating
1134UAL011B: Warning Message Needs Updating
1145Review Sequence Number
1265UAL048B: Update Failure Point Comment For 3556 & 3557
1365UAL038A: Remove FP 3473
1376CyclePower: Current Architecture Does Not Support HART-IP or Wireless. Test cases UAL003D, UAL038A, CAL071A, CAL109B, CAL524F, CAL526F.
1381UAL038: Needs to be updated to the latest test specification. Test case UAL038A - C.
1385UAL048: Needs to be updated to the latest test specification. Test case UAL048A - C.
1391UAL010: Update Test Case to Latest Test Specification.

Common Practice Tests

CR/Bug NumberSummary
153, CR 5549CAL036 aborts if LRV is not set to 0. User is not prompted to set it. It just aborts.
214CAL526F: Failure Point 11172 can incorrectly get issued.
302CAL035: Report Failure Point Values
303CAL035: Test is not sending updated urv0
578CAL103C could abort earlier in absence of BACKs
587CAL104A via maintenance port fails on DR
799BURSTOFF prints incomplete msg if either hipiosys or hipnmgw is running
1079CAL074D: VerifyResponseAndByteCount Counts Need Updating
1085CAL074B: Command 77 is Sending Incorrect Data
1234CAL074D: FP 7105 Need Updating
1242CAL109A: Remove FP 209 and Call DisableBurstMode
1332CAL000: Command 514 HART 6 BC Needs To Accept 4
1351EnableBurstMode: Update for Wireless Adapters
1393CAL074A: Update Test Case to Latest Test Spec
1394CAL074B: Update Test Case to Latest Test Specification
1401CAL073: Update Warning
1435CAL523B: ReadCondensedStatusMap Uses Wrong Index

HART-IP Server Tests

CR/Bug NumberSummary

HART-IP Token Passing Data-Link Stack

CR/Bug NumberSummary
875HIPTP stack and HTest stack causing bus collisions

HTest Application

CR/Bug NumberSummary
875HIPTP stack and HTest stack causing bus collisions

HSniffer Application

CR/Bug NumberSummary

Previous Releases

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