Release - Nov 2022

This release reflects the following Specifications:

FCG TS62769 Revision 1.3

The following CRs were resolved in this release:

Device Model Service (DMS)

CR/Bug NumberSummary
 3755DMS throws exception if EDD variable definition contains dependency in CLASS attribute
 3824Upload fails. Change handling of required parameter to support more than one.
 3858Transfer parameters from device to offline data set failing with Reserved Error code
 3863Read API is not proper for conditional based parameters
 3889Warning message when changing dependent variable on FDI IDE version 1.5.1. Ignore parameter only with status change related to dominant and dependent value change during commit. No message shown to user.

IDE Plug-in

CR/Bug NumberSummary
 3612Unique Particle Attribution violation by including attachment metadata has been fixed.
 3848FDI IDE doesn't allow more than 8 characters in manufacturer Id field, this has been fixed.
 3873Relationship Type for Feature Table correction


Reference Runtime Environment  

CR/Bug NumberSummary
 3765RRTE Crashing while accessing online window. Problem may still exist in Microsoft Windows 10 pro    10.0.19044 Build 19044
 3853mV Units cut off by window size in optimized layout.


Known Issues

Known issues at the time of release are included below. If additional notable issues are found with this version of the product, they will be added to this log for reference with the date they were reported.

CR/Bug NumberComponentSummaryReported Date
3757UI EngineFDIOPT10260 & FDIOPT10270: Resizing (Shrinking & Expanding) must change the Width Gain of Menu Items
3825DMS"INIT_ACTION” method executes no. of times for echo curve window
3822RRTEFSK HART Modem using RS-232 no longer works with newer versions of Windows. Use USB Modem instead as a workaround.04/08/2022

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